Development & Peace: The “We Know Better” Approach

Some time ago, one of LifeSite’s readers picked out this very revealing pie chart of how D&P’s funds are allocated: 

You’ll immediately notice a few things. Emergency assistance (6%) and “Development Alternatives” (15%) are given about the same money as “Women’s Empowerment” (15%) and the Environment (4%). I’m not even sure what “Development alternatives” are to be honest, but suffice it to say, we can clearly see where the priorities of Development and Peace are.  Some of these other categories such as “strengthening social movements” are likely not to be very rooted in Catholic teaching, either.  What “social movements” are these?  Marxist and anti-family ones based on what I’ve read.  Indeed, if you google “women’s empowerment”, you’ll find out that phrase is a euphemism for promoting “reproductive rights” which is another euphemism for abortion and contraception, while “gender based training” is a code phrase for emasculating men and promoting sodomy.  Instead of empowering feminists to bring the onslaught of the culture of death to these developing countries, why doesn’t Development and Peace empower the Church and the Family?  Now, there’s a really radical idea, huh?! 

I simply refuse to believe that the majority of D&P’s funding decisions are done in consultation with the diocese where these funds are ultimately used.  It does happen in a few cases, but given the kind of groups D&P funds, it cannot be widespread.  How could they be consulting with the local diocese when the very groups they are funding, as the case of East Timor has demonstrated, are against the entire country’s Catholic bishops, or against other parts of the Church itself?  Does this not demonstrate a profound disconnect, disorder, and even arrogance of Development & Peace? That it knows better than the local Church or the country’s Catholic community on how funds can be best used for authentic development and peace?  If D&P wants to eradicate “patriarchal oppression” which the groups it funds keep clamouring against, it should first take the log out of its own eye by ceasing its “we know better” approach to the Church in the Global South. 

We know better to do what, precisely? Work to weaken countries’ abortion laws, sponsor groups who set up condom distribution centers and send our kids off to learn how to put condoms on a bottle? 

Instead of funding groups which seek to push the West’s sexual imperialism on the innocent poor, it should seek to push back the anti-life, anti-family agenda by using its funds to build up a culture of life in these countries.


4 thoughts on “Development & Peace: The “We Know Better” Approach

  1. Which ones are Marxist? We don’t seem to have even started that discussion yet.

    And are you seriously saying that women’s empowerment is a bad thing?

    I suppose that’s what I’d expect from someone so loyal to a church so patriarchal, but still.

  2. Depends on what you mean by “women’s empowerment”

    I am sure you know about the euphesism that has come to take over the word…but go ahead.

    I want to be amused how you will attach abortion and contraceptives to “women’s empowerment”.

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