Development & Peace: A New Beginning for Social Justice?


Courtesy of my favourite TV Station: Salt + Light.

The central allegation against Development & Peace was that they were funding pro-abortion groups and that the donations received from faithful Canadian Catholics, in turn, helped enable these groups to promote abortion in the Global South.  Not too long ago, Cardinal Justin Rigali, commenting on the socialization of American health care, also brought up the argument against funding pro-abortion forces with Catholic money, which is also at the heart of the problem of funding Development & Peace’s pro-abortion partners. He even mentions the word “fungible”: 

Members of a House committee then endorsed the Capps Amendment that allows for indirect funding of abortions — whereby the public sends money to the government that, in turn, pays for abortions. In a followup letter in August, Cardinal Rigali rejected this approach, saying, “Funds paid into these plans are fungible, and federal taxpayer funds will subsidize the operating budget and provider networks that expand access to abortion.” (Source)

According to the reporter in the video clip above, Archbishop Weisgerber stated:

“…the events in the past year involving Development & Peace are an opportunity to renew and mandate that organizationDevelopment & Peace has shown themselves willing to co-operate in this and already looking at their partnerships in different countries to analyze them and see how they can work better.” (1:10-1:38)

And now we finally see a glimmer of light…

CORNWALL, October 19, 2009 ( ­ In his remarks at the opening of the Plenary Assembly of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), outgoing CCCB President Archbishop James Weisgerber  addressed the controversy over the CCCB international development arm, Development and Peace.  The matter will be discussed at length in private sessions over the week of meetings.

In his official President’s report, Archbishop Weisgerber said: “Development and Peace has clearly indicated that it wishes to respond to new questions and concerns, and is already reviewing the effectiveness of its contractual arrangements with other groups, its surveillance of the projects that it financially assists, as well as its financial mechanisms for ensuring cooperation and communication  with local Bishops and other Episcopal Conferences.”

He added: “Assisted by the recent Encyclical, we have this week a unique opportunity, together with all the Church in Canada, for renewing, remandating and ‘revisioning’ Development and Peace.”

Referring again to the Pope’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate, Weisgerber said, “This vision of the integrity and dignity of human life provides the basis for our reflections during this Plenary on  Development and Peace.”

Also to be discussed at the meetings in closed session are “the leadership role of Bishops in life issues” and “blogs and websites”.

This report gives me great hope.   Here are the points of interest:

1. Matter will be discussed at length in private sessions….

Translation:  “It will be made clear to all the bishops that it is necessary to tell the truth in the future, and avoid claiming there is no elephant in the room.”

2. Ensuring cooperation and communication with local Bishops…

Translation:  “No money goes to any group without the permission of the local bishop”…per Archbishop Collins’s condition for the Archdiocese of Toronto’s participation.

3. Renewing, remandating, and revisioning Development & Peace…

Translation:  “Clean out the pro-abort, pro-condom, anti-Catholic rot in your funding formulas, boys.  Get your heads screwed on right and think about the unborn…for a change.”

4. Closed session for  a) the leadership role of Bishops in life issues and b) “blogs and websites”…

a) Translation:  “We bishops need to wake up and smell the coffee on the life issues. Maybe we’ll all grab a clue and show up for next year’s March for Life in Ottawa to show Catholics in a TANGIBLE AND SACRAMENTAL WAY that we will actually MOVE to defend the sanctity of human life.”

b) Translation:  “Give LifeSiteNews a gold star for their valiant and faithful reporting which just might have saved tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives.  And send Guido to shut down Socon or Bust.”

Have a cigar and some champagne, everyone, I think we’re on our way, but let us not let our guard down.



One thought on “Development & Peace: A New Beginning for Social Justice?

  1. Abortion is murder–(Exodus 20:13)–(Deut. 5:17) You shalt not murder.
    Abortion-euthanasia-contraception-embryonic stem cell research and human-cloning are degenerative and reprobative acts that violate God’s law and the dignity of the human person. Development and peace comes from the Almighty God through an obedience of faith towards the word of God. Any of these abominable acts should be deleted from any healthcare bill. Justice and truth comes through seeking the will of God in the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior through the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Moral and spiritual decay comes through the pluralistric mind steeped in liberalism. Humanity has a great need for salvation which comes though a life of faithfulness. Not faith alone, but faith working through charity and purity of heart. We must respect the unborn and also respect the living. Let us promulgate family values and value families in our lives. The just shall live by faith, and let us not distort justice. Remember God is in control.

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