Development & Peace Still Wasting Public Money

Socon or Bust is having an impact on Development & Peace.

You will recall, dear reader, when we blew up the Canadian Church’s social justice scam a year or so ago with our blog entry which highlighted Money Sense’s assessment of Development & Peace.

Back in July 2011, Socon or Bust published a comprehensive post on how Development & Peace was doing in relation to other charities in Canada. The source of the post was an article from the Summer edition of Money Sense magazine. You can (and should) read that post here. Here is the climax of the entry:

In the category of Overall Charity Efficiency, Development & Peace gets a grade of C+, lowest of all 15 charities, with only 72.3% of spending going to programs. Chalice, (ed. the non-official but actually Canadian Catholic development and aid organization), by comparison, gets an A, with 93.3% of spending going to programs…Governance and Transparency is another weak area for D&P, with a ‘C-’ (1.0 out of 10), tying 3 other charities (including Amnesty International) for the lowest ranking…

The blog entry was eventually picked up by LifeSite News who did their own report on it which can be read here. The chart is now online on Money Sense’s website here.

Well it turns out that Money Sense has published their 2012 assessment.  Development & Peace was quick to jump on it a few days ago. Check out their spin hereDevelopment & Peace has improved according to Money Sense, but, hey, when you’re dead last and scraping the bottom of the barrel, there’s only one place to go and that’s up.   But it’s a mixed bag for Development & Peace  despite this improved rating  because, while their overall ranking went up  to A-, they still got a poor “C” rating for Overall Charity Efficiency which is the most important category in the assessment.  So what changed to improve their overall rating?  Get this: they received an “A” for transparency! That’s why their overall rating has improved.  An “A” for transparency?  I’m not sure how Money Sense rates this category, but obviously they are oblivious to Development & Peace’s practice of withholding public information.   And nothing much has changed since then, either, since we still don’t know who they are funding.  They have refused to divulge that information in the past.  Just how is that transparent?  If they have nothing to hide, then they would be publishing the new list of groups that they are funding.  But they haven’t done that.  It’s the same old incomplete list.  Ask yourself why?  Is it normal for a public charity and Catholic agency to refuse to publish such vital information?  That disgraceful conduct might indeed be many things, but transparency it is not.

But it’s good to see that Development & Peace is posting the spin on the Money Sense article on their website.  It shows that they’re smarting from the pressure Socon or Bust has been putting on them over the last few years.  It holds them accountable and makes them aware that they are not entitled to the millions they get and blow every year on the social injustice of propping up pro-abort pimps.  They’re not entitled to their entitlements.  They have to compete, like every other player in the charity business for the charity buck.

Welcome to capitalism, boys!

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