Development & Peace Still Does Not Admit the Evidence

At the 13:25 – 17:15 mark.

The D&P spokesman really skirts the issue and does not admit the overwhelming evidence against Development & Peace, but instead chooses the “weakest link” in the evidence arrayed against them i.e. one of the Mexican groups signing a document which pro-abort groups also signed.

He says there is a “100% committment to address concerns”. Fr. Rosica says that Development & Peace is “responding seriously”.

We must live on different planets because that has hardly been the attitude of Development & Peace thus far.  All that we have heard throughout this scandal is denial, obfuscation, bald-face lies, and slander. 

My dear friends, does the above video clip mesh with D&P’s latest communication on this issue?


2 thoughts on “Development & Peace Still Does Not Admit the Evidence

  1. As I watched the video, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that Fr. Rosica is gonna fight like Hell to maintain his petty fiefdom, which includes defending those “within” working against Catholicism (e.g. D+P, his buddy and antinomian criminal Gregory Baum, etc.) and attacking pro-lifers (e.g. Kennedy fiasco). He certainly has plans for himself, ambitions. His enemy bishop pals in the CCCB will be there with/for him as well. Remember that Michael Voris/RCTV video you recently posted – the enemy within.

    John/Steve – as you guys continue with your excellent investigative work, be prepared for Fr. Rosica to lash out (eventually, sooner or later) if he feels threatened. Rosica is a determined man.

    Just a heads up…

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