“‘Exit Strategy’ To Be Applied to the Pro-Aborts” – CCCB

For those of you who have not yet heard, the CCCB has put out an encouraging media release indicating some important points of the Ad Hoc Committee’s report on the abortion scandal of Development & Peace.  You can read it in its entirety here.   It’s the best news we’ve received thus far!   Let’s take a look at some of the juicier parts of it….

In its report, the Ad Hoc Committee also noted that CCODP is preparing protocols to ensure that organizations requesting future funding are fully aware that CCODP is a Catholic agency which adheres to Catholic principles. Furthermore, any organizations requesting funding will also be obliged by the same protocols to disclose any projects that they may be involved in which would contradict Catholic principles of respect for life. This exchange of information between CCODP and its partners will involve a process of dialogue, discussion and decision. In addition, the proposed revision of the CCODP Partnership Agreement will reflect the obligation to respect life values and conformity with Church teachings.

That’s a nice introductory question, but that cannot be the entirety of the assessment of a partner’s suitability.  Does anyone really believe that pro-abort groups are going to volunteer their pro-abort activism if it’s going to risk tens of thousands of dollars in funding?  We’ve already been through this, and we know that pro-aborts are LIARS. They’ll lie through their teeth to keep the blood money flowing.  Didn’t Mexico’s tequilla trip teach the CCCB anything?   Let’s get with the program fellas, OK?  You don’t let them tell you if they breach Catholic teaching.  You tell them, after you do your own independent research.  C’mon guys, this is getting tiring and absurd.

A proposed exit strategy has been developed by CCODP for the cancellation of any controversial partnerships. Each of the proposed documents will be made public once they have been formally approved. Some aspects will also require changes being incorporated into the CCODP By-Laws, a process which takes a number of months.

Socon or Bust has identified 47 problematic groups. Will all of these groups be invited to participate in the “exit strategy”?  Or only the ones who are stupid enough to say they are pro-abortion when a Marxist working at a Catholic organization asks them (wink, wink)? 

Furthermore, how will the Faithful know which groups have exited?  Will a list be published?  When is this going to take place? Before the next Lenten collection?  Or afterwards?  We want the specifics published on D&P’s website ASAP.  We want to know exactly what day the blood money has stopped flowing for each of the groups identified. And what about new partners? We want to know the names of each new group.  Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

Furthermore, the Ad Hoc Committee reported, CCODP will ensure that any future statements on problematic partners will be developed in consultation with the CCCB. To date, CCODP continues to seek guidance on this from the CCCB. In order to assist CCODP and its partners, Development and Peace has drafted proposed criteria on ethical issues for working with its partners. These will provide a “theological framework” for CCODP activities.

Wonderful. Better late than never…even if it’s been 40+ years in the making.

In order to ensure that there is good communication with local Bishops in developing countries, CCODP has already developed a specific protocol by which its program officers, as part of their regular routine, will establish contact with local Bishops, including visiting them and providing information on CCODP and its local partners. In addition to contacting the local diocesan Bishop, the respective Episcopal Conference and the Caritas organization of the local country may also be invited to help facilitate communication. As well, Development and Peace has asked the CCCB to be involved in this process, in order to help build bridges with the Bishops in the Global South.

Excellent.  That’s more like it.  This measure will help provide important controls to prevent pro-aborts getting our money.  It’s not 100% foolproof, but it’s a good, strong internal control, nevertheless.

Among other points made by the Ad Hoc Committee was that Caritas Internationalis and CIDSE (an international alliance of Catholic development agencies) have been following the current CCODP renewal process with considerable interest. Over the years, other Catholic aid agencies in the world have also experienced similar concerns as those that have been raised with regard to CCODP. Among those having had such difficulties are Catholic Relief Services, which relates to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and CAFOD, which relates to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. In each case, working committees were formed with Bishops and the organization concerned in order to collaborate in addressing the problems and ensuring conformity with Church teaching.

Now that’s a striking admission.  I guess the rot does not stop at the border, huh?  We suspected as much in doing our research, but we can’t dig through all of the rot in Christ’s Church in one lifetime.  Socon or Bust needed to concentrate on the Canadian scene, first.


So, now, where do pro-lifers go from here?  On the positive side, we can clearly see that the work of LifeSiteNews and the Catholic Blogosphere has been thoroughly VINDICATED.  We must also give thanks for all of the prayer warriors and cyber hobbits who have helped us in our battle.  The media release offers some definite glimpses of hope. The most important two words in this whole media release was “exit strategy“.   (I love that phrase in the context of D&P’s pro-abort partners!)  It indicates that someone in authority has figured out that no resolution is going to come unless the Bishops tell us how they are going to stop the blood money from flowing to the problematic groups.  And that brings us to the negative side.  While the positive side suggests that the bishops finally “get it” and have brought their shovels to clean out the stalls,  the negative side suggests that the details of public reporting and time frames have not yet been satisfactorily considered. 

We want details of the pro-abort groups who will be leaving, and we want details of the new groups who will be added.  We want transparency. And we want timely reports for FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE . 

Until then, Socon or Bust’s donation ban on Development & Peace continues.  

Hurry up, guys, Lent is coming.  We need to know which partners will be taking the exit before Lenten trip begins.

There’s also some unfinished business, regarding this whole broohaha. More on that in the next post on D&P.


5 thoughts on ““‘Exit Strategy’ To Be Applied to the Pro-Aborts” – CCCB

  1. Keep praying for the Canadian bishops!

    “Pray for us Mary, Mother of Sorrows, that we will crucify our pride with Christ on the cross.”

  2. I believe it when I see it.

    Putting the onus on pro-abort groups to tell a Church what their up to?

    What a crock.

    In my mind, it’s sounds like same-old, same-old in bureaucratese.

    See, the problem is that people who are less than fully supportive of pro-life views will still run these agencies and turn a blind eye to pro-abort activities.

    It’s another bureaucratic solution when they need a pastoral one:

    Only trust people who are pro-life.

    The only people who can be relied on to run these programs reliably are kindred spirits. We know that this Development and Peace crowd are basically Marxists in Catholic drag.

    What’ll happen is that the vagaries of bureaucratese will allow them to skirt through loopholes of regulations (there often are) and just continue business as usual.

    People are the problem. Not regulations. If you had had trustworthy people in the first place, this would not be a scandal. At worst, the people in charge would have apologized and stopped the gravy train.

    But no one wants to acknowledge the real problem in the Church: modernism and lack of fidelity not only to the teaching of the Church, but the spirit of the Church.

  3. I reject the tone of rattling the pectoral chains of bishops as if they were your pups in training, or the paternally condescending “hey guys, get with it”. It hugely undoes the goodwill that should always be fostered with our shepherds, and is part of the problem rather than the solution. That said, CCODP and friends in international missions and development have long been as unCatholic as a number of national groups spawned or befriended largely by Jesuits, Redemptorists and OMI principals, besides feminists and graduates of OISE or of Ottawa’s St. Paul University. These are the folks who largely populate the various commissions and advisory bodies of bishops, and the problem is — they are salaried, unlike the proLife volunteers and correspondents of LifeSite News. Theologically, I would agree with Suzanne about the modernist ‘superiority’ that spawns such bureaucratic white-wash, and I’d go further, naming the corruption ultraModernism. It’s the old Modernism dressed-up with ideological pluralism — with the effect of vitiating true evangelism. Worse enemies the truth has never known because so sophisticated, and they hide their colours as quickly as bed-bugs, aside from being blinded by hubris. The real answer to them is to state simple challenges like, is life sacred; is Marx a saint; is the eucharist a symbol. if they don’t answer Yes, No, No they’re unworthy of trust with any Catholic’s hard-earned alms.

  4. @Gary Knight

    Are you insane? ….ooops! Pardon my tone.

    Point being, you value “being polite” to Church leadership more than you value whether or not they are being faithful to their responsibilities.

    Absolutely, we should be respectful to Bishops (and catholic-legate.com is!) but not at the price of getting caught up with protocols as valuable time, energy and money is collected in our pews and spent in abortion mills…

    The treasonous inaction on the part of Church leadership makes any apparent frustration of colloquial “hey guys, get with it” insignificant.

    Gary Knight: get with the program! And have a nice day!

  5. Hey there Mark,

    “Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself” is a quote that comes to mind. This kind of rat a tat name calling within Holy Mother Church is what is bringing her down. Yes, these mistakes need to be acknowledged and corrected, but these things take time and will not happen over night. Are you being faithful to your responsibilities? And, it’s not all simply the current bishops’ fault. The whole “we are church” movement, the devil, mixed with apathy and a steeped tradition of sticking our heads in the sand over the abortion issue are whats to blame. This is not only inside the Church, but the world at large – Lord have Mercy.

    I have been involved with the pro-life movement for many years and if there is one thing that gets on my nerves, its the seeming willingness of pro-lifers to judge – the Church, society at large, other pro-lifers – and the list goes on. Isn’t this energy better spent seeking and working out solutions, as opposed to getting caught up in our anger and lashing out to anyone less “pro-life” than we are? Yes, anger in this situation is justified, however, let’s convert that angry energy into action, not idle talk.

    Gary, Mark, Suzanne, Henry – I love all you guys and I admire your courage for being pro-life in this day and age. What are we going to do to put an end to abortion?

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