Development & Peace Partner Spokesman in Toronto Last Week

When first broke the story of Development & Peace’s involvement in funding the abortion movement in Mexico, one of the groups they identified was a group called, Agustin Pro Juarez Center for Human Rights:

Three “partners” of the CCODP, the “Augustin Pro Juarez Center for Human Rights“, the “Mexican Network for Action Regarding Free Trade,” and the “Center for Economic and Political Research for Community Action” are signatories to the Report of Organizations of Civil Society on Economic, Social, Cultural, and Environmental Rights in Mexico, which openly advocates legalization of abortion on demand throughout the country, with 67 mostly positive references to the practice or its legalization (see document in Spanish at the United Nations’ “human rights” website).  The report states that it is “urgent and necessary that all federal entities advance towards broadening permission for legal abortion for the purpose of standardizing it throughout the country. Only in this way will the constitutional guarantee of equality before the law be a reality.”  Standardizing abortion laws in this way would make abortion on demand available for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy throughout Mexico, equalizing it with the law currently existing in Mexico City…. Two partners, the “Miguel Augustin Pro Juarez Center for Human Rights” and the “National Center for Social Communication,” are signatories to the Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Mexico Elaborated by Organizations of Civil Society for Periodical Universal Examination, which also advocates abortion on demand throughout Mexico, “standardized” in accordance with Mexico City’s law).  (Source)

In a telephone interview, Jorge Serrano told LSN that he is aware that “The All Rights for Everyone Network is an abortionist group, CENCOS [National Center for Social Communication] is also abortionist, and [the Center for] Human Rights Augustin Pro is also abortionist.” Although some of the groups were once Catholic, they no longer are, Serrano said, adding that they have embraced Liberation Theology, which is a socialistic movement condemned by the Catholic Church. (Source)

If readers recall, the CCCB sent over two bishops to investigate the allegations in April, 2009.  They came back with a whitewash report, exonerating the groups in question.  Of course, since then, everyone has recognized the sham which the report was.  The pro-life community wasn’t buying it.  And neither, apparently, were many of the Canadian bishops, as evidenced by the fact that they appointed an “Oversight Committee” to keep Development & Peace on a short leash in the years to come.  Actually, the bishops didn’t have to travel to Mexico at all. All they had to do is to travel to this group’s website to figure out that it was pro-abortion and pro-homosexualist by its obvious support for the U.N. Committee on Human Rights and its recommendations to Mexico on that subject:

Legal framework regulating abortion

With respect to Mexico’s obligation to ensure equality between men and women in the 32 states of the country, the Committee expressed its serious concern over the lack of implementation of the Official Mexican Norm on family violence, sexual violence and violence against women, criteria for prevention and care (NOM-046), as well as the constitutional amendments in 18 states, which in order to protect life from conception violate the human rights of women. The Committee stressed the need for the Mexican State to implement the NOM-046 in all states since all states have the legal grounds for abortion after rape. It is important to highlight that the Mexican state was very clear in stating that it is committed to ensuring that no penal reform in the future affects sexual and reproductive rights of women.

LGBT Rights

The Committee also highlighted its concern over discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender in schools and workplaces and the lack of effective measures to protect the rights of sexually diverse groups.  

By the way, just last week, it turns out that Fr. Luis Arriaga SJ, the director of this group, turned up in Toronto at Regis College to give a talk. 


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