Development & Peace – Making Us the Useful Idiots of Ecuadorian Socialists

As everyone is very well aware, the Development & Peace Abortion Scandal has reached epidemic proportions in Canada.  To date, LifeSiteNews and Socon or Bust have reported approximately 42 confirmed pro-abortion, pro-contraception, and/or anti-Catholic groups which Development & Peace has been shamelessly sponsoring.   Thusfar, faithful Catholic news sources and bloggers have been met with denials, obfuscations, pseudo-excommunications, slander, and just plain stupidity. 

The latest Development & Peace anti-Catholic group to be outed here on Socon or Bust is an organization called Ecuarunari.  They are listed on page 116 of Development & Peace’s 2006-2011 program for Latin America. You can learn more about them here.  In addition to their anti-Catholic views and anti-life animosity towards their own bishops,  they themselves have been involved with pro-abortion and sexual “reproductive rights” groups in publishing sexual propaganda.

Moreover, despite fierce opposition by the Catholic Church, Ecuador’s socialist government ushered in a new “progressive” Constitution last year: 

The Catholic bishops of Ecuador have issued a clear denunciation of the nation’s new proposed constitution, which opponents are calling “abortionist” due to its ambiguous language on human life and family issues….Declaring that the points raised in its statement are “non-negotiable”, the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference lashes out at the document for permitting abortion, attacking the natural family of one man and one woman, and subverting parental rights to determine the education of their children….The bishops add that the document “attacks the family as the fundamental unit of society and of the common good.  The new Constitution diminishes the family when it rejects the existence of the model family to substitute it with different ‘types of family’.  From there it goes to equate same-sex unions with the family.” The bishops also state their fear that the new constitution is based on “statism”, the notion that the institution of the state is more important than the human persons who are its members. “We have discovered that statism seems to be the connecting thread of the new Constitution.   It speaks about rights, of course, but many of these rights flow from the State, violating the creativity and responsibility of people within society.” “The statism is even more evident in (the area of) education,” say the bishops.  “The right of parents and the recognition of freedom of instruction are contradicted when the State arrogates to itself the right to determine what must be taught and what must be ignored.” (Source)

[President] Correa claimed repeatedly during the referendum campaign that the Constitution’s enemies’ concerns about pro-abortion language in the document were dishonest, and that it would in fact protect the right to life.  He was opposed by the nation’s bishops, one of whom called the document a “tasty sandwich” that was laced with “drops of cyanide.”   Archbishop Antonio Arregui of Guyaquil received anonymous death threats and government intimidation, but maintained his opposition to the document until the end. (Source)

Despite this clear opposition by the Church in Ecuador to the new Constitution as a clear and unmistakable threat to the family, Development & Peace’s partner, Ecuarunari, supported this Constitution.

In fact, the opposition to the family and the Catholic bishops of Ecuador is not merely incidental or tangential to this organization, but is even accepted in their own public resolutions:

Resolutions of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Confederation of the Peoples of the Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador (Ecuarunari)

In the city of Quito, on Tuesday, July 29, 2008, 500 delegates of the Pasto, Otavalo, Karanki, Natabuela, Kayambi, Kitu Kara, Panzaleo, Salasaca, Chibuleo, Kisapincha, Tomabela, Puruhá, Waranka, Kañari, Saraguro, Palta and Afro-descendent peoples gathered in an extraordinary assembly. After a process of analysis and debate on the content of the project of the new Political Constitution and the situation of Indigenous peoples and nationalities, and the national reality, considering:

That, the project of Ecuador’s new Political Constitution has been the fruit of the struggles of Indigenous peoples and social sectors with the purpose of making possible a Plurinational State and an inter-cultural society in order to overcome neoliberalism, racism, and mechanisms of political, economic, social and cultural exclusion.

That, the resistance to the neoliberal pattern has not been forged only in Ecuador but also in Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and other countries that allow us to globalize our struggles with local actions to end poverty and to establish social equality.

That, the on-going fight for the defense of natural resources, sovereignty for the good life of all Ecuadorians, water, paramos, land, territory, bilingual inter-cultural education, language, health, given that large transnational hydroelectric and mining companies come intruding into Indigenous communities.

Agreements and Resolutions

1) the vote for YES, as a vindication of the struggle and resistance of Indigenous peoples and exploited social sectors, marginalized and excluded, to recover sovereignty and the homeland.

9) rejection of the traditional oligarchical right and the Bishops of the Catholic Church for trying to confuse and manipulate the conscience of the Ecuadorian people.

For the Government Council

Humberto Cholango
President of Ecuarunari



Ecuarunari represents yet another example of the useful idiot syndrome that the Canadian Church suffers from.   We’ve seen it time and time again with Development & Peace funding anti-Catholic groups in other countries.   See exhibits A, B, C and D here.

This is the way it works, folks:   1) We give these groups our money.  2) They accept the money.  3) They turn around and fund anti-Catholic, anti-Family initiatives.  4) The Bishops of those countries oppose them.  3)  They use our money to oppose the bishops in those countries and denounce them for upholding the Catholic faith and the sanctity of human life.

Go ahead and tell me, folks, that we are not the poster boys and girls for the consummate useful idiot! And, amazingly, the Canadian bishops – despite pleas from their Latin American brothers in the Episcopacy – just soldier-on like there is some big secret that they are trying to conceal from us, as if we don’t have eyes to see and a brain to make a right judgement.   Good grief.  Please, folks, please!…



The Canadian hierarchy and their mouthpieces just refuse to clue into the fact that we don’t live in the 1960s and 70s anymore.  This is the internet age.  Concealing something so obvious and blatant is not really possible, and yet despite the writing on the wall (or the computer screen), the bishops of Canada and their handlers at Development & Peace, the bureaucracy of the CCCB, and Salt + Light are marshalling on to preserve their image by restructuring, re-organizing, re-shuffling, re-tooling, re-jigging and recycling instead of doing the most important thing which is to come clean, admit the mistakes, and engage in the most important ‘R’ word – repent! 

And yet, why do we all still have the sinking feeling that they still don’t get it?  Many of them think the real problem is about merely communications instead of telling the truth and acting on the overwhelming evidence.  That’s why they’re bringing in two high-powered communication directors to help them recycle their image.  It’s not about the substance of what got them into this crisis; it’s about the veneer and the window dressing to get them out of it.  After 2,000 years, our religious leaders still have not heeded our Lord’s counsel: “First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean”  (Matt.23:26).  That’s the best advice they could ever hope to receive. And yet they seek to be advised on what to do about these scandals and to be instructed in matters of theology, not by the Lord, but by slick communication directors and a dissenting theologian no less!


One thought on “Development & Peace – Making Us the Useful Idiots of Ecuadorian Socialists

  1. That Development and Peace sponsors Ecuarunari and others like it is reprehensible. I have trouble envisioning the CCCB fighting any possible “constitutional reforms” here in Canada such as those being pushed in Ecuador. The proposed “constitutional reforms” have ruthlessly entangled the Bishops in Ecuador in a fierce fight against them. And in Canada? Forty years later, we’re still slugging on against abortion, and now, the Bloc Quebequois Member of Parliament Francine Lalonde has proposed Bill C-384 that would legalise euthanasia in Canada. “Pray for us Mary, Gate of Heaven, for your intercession is powerful and we are greatly in need”.

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