Development & Peace: Hiring a Communications Officer

It looks like Development & Peace is hiring a Communication Officer for its English division.

Curiously, I don’t see this position posted on their “Job Openings” section of their website.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the abortion scandal they are going through right now.  I don’t recall them having any positions advertised before the Scandal broke at all, so it might very well be a reaction to a perceived “communications failure”.

If this is the case, it is sad for a number of reasons. 

First, it is sad because they have not learned their lesson, believing that a more effective “communications strategy” is what they need.  You know, someone who can help massage the truth and handle tricky questions from the media without overturning the apple cart.  I’m not sure just who they think they are going to fool. This is the age of the internet. Nothing gets past the bloggers and Internet News based services. NOTHING.  Besides, Catholics are no longer drinking as much Koolaid as they used to.   These factors alone mean that a communications director is not going to help D&P.

Secondly, it is very discouraging to learn that they have not yet figured out that their problem is not an administrative problem but a moral one.  No amount of slick talking or denial is going to pass the smell test.  It doesn’t matter if the person they hired came from Harvard.  If it smells like bullkaka, then we’ll call the bullkaka. It’s really that simple. 

And finally, I’m sure it’s a really great PR move to hire yet another office worker to push paper around the office or click the mouse to send emails through cyberspace.  What’s that going to cost D&P’s budget, $60-$80K?  That sure buys a lot of rice.  Heck, for that kind of money, you could build a few villages.  But then again, D&P’s priorities have never really been about true social justice. 

On the other hand, maybe a communication’s officer is good thing in the end.  It means 3-4 pro-abortion partners who won’t be getting that cash.  From that perspective, hire another 999 communication directors, for all we care. You won’t have any complaints from us.  Obamanize the place, guys.


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