Development & Peace has scrapped the link to CIEPAC

It appears that, following LifeSite’s follow-up story on CIEPAC, Development & Peace has scrubbed their webpage on Mexico.

While the window dressing is cleaned up, the problem now is that we don’t know who the “local groups” are. 

It all comes down to a matter of trust.  Do you trust the management of Development & Peace to abide by Catholic teaching?

No.  I don’t think any reasonable observer can honestly say that in all sincerity.

Development & Peace has gone from disclosing who they are funding to just not publicizing it anymore…for obvious reasons.

Before we were useful idiots, but at least we knew who was getting the money. Now we don’t know who’s getting the money.

So now we’re blind, useful idiots.  I guess it’s part of the new transparency and accountability guidelines the bishops have laid out for us.

2 thoughts on “Development & Peace has scrapped the link to CIEPAC

  1. Now more than ever, I don’t know why anyone would ever give any money at all to Development and Peace. The money could be going anywhere.

  2. The money would be better spent supporting MP’s to pass Traditional Bills into Law in Canada. Don’t waste your vote or money on D&P. The late professor Tom Landers taught the meaning of being, Selectively Stupid.

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