Development & Peace: Digging Their Heels Into A Deep Hole

Development & Peace seems to be digging in their heels and refusing to back down from the overwhelming evidence against them. The president of their National Council, Pat Hogan, wrote this letter which is on D&P’s website.  Here is my response below in blue:

Dear Friends:I am writing today as your new President to share with you some reflections on the events of the last two weeks. As you may know, it has been alleged on some internet sites recently that Development and Peace has been funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Sorry, Mr. Hogan, but the truth is closer than you think.  Once again, I invite you to examine the actual evidence:

CCODP: More Evidence in Supporting Pro-Abort Groups

Canadian Catholic “Development and Peace” Funding Two Abortion Advocacy Groups in Brazil 

Pro-Abortion/Contraception Groups in Africa Receiving Development and Peace Funding

Hundreds of Thousands in Canadian Lent Collection Money Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Mexico 

Let there be no mistake:

1. Development and Peace has never supported abortion services anywhere, at any time, and can NOT ever support such projects;

Please speak to the allegations that are levelled against D&P and not to the straw men that you are creating. No one has claimed that you were “supporting abortion services” – at least not directly.  LifeSite and SoCon or Bust have merely repeated what the evidence shows:  D&P is funding groups which advocate and promote abortion

Sir, you need to speak to our charges, not around them.

2. Development and Peace has never and will never enter into a partnership with any organization offering such services. Should any current partner change its mandate and begin offering abortions, they would be immediately cut off from our partnership support and funding;

Once again, please be so kind as to refrain from denying what we are not alleging.  We have never claimed that any of your partners offer abortion services.  Address the issue.  You are being evasive. Why don’t you come out and deny that you are supporting groups which promote abortion?  You can’t, of course, because….it’s true!  So you resort to denying something we never said. 

3. Development and Peaceis committed to remaining vigilant regarding any partner’s actions that would place us –by association- at variance with Church teaching. Should we fail to act on this information, we would lose our raison d’être and the support of our Canadian bishops and our Catholic supporters and donors.

Right. So based on the evidence that is plain for everyone to see, you have lost your raison d’être since, clearly, a large swath of your partners place you BY ASSOCIATION at variance with the Church’s teaching on abortion, contraception, and other life and family issues.  I would hardly describe your efforts as “vigilant” in maintaining the Church’s clear and unambiguous position on the protection of human life.

These allegations have attacked our very being- the trust and close relationship we have fostered over the past 41 years- with our bishops and our supporters. The timing of these attacks on the eve of our annual Share Lent collection is also troubling.

What’s troubling is that this has gone on for so long and has never been reported.  If your trust and close relationship with us has been based on a lie and enabled a crime against humanity, what allegiance, may I ask, do we owe you?

In response, our National Council and Management Team have put in place the following:

1) An immediate denial of these allegations posted on our website;

Anyone can deny. It’s quite another story to prove the allegations against D&P are false.

2) A continuing dialogue with the CCCB (Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops) which is the official voice of our Canadian bishops;

Dialogue on what? We’re not interested in your dialogue with the CCCB.  We’re interested in your rebuttal of the evidence presented. That’s it.  Everything else is a waste of your time and ours. Just speak to the evidence. That’s all we want you to do. Line by line and point by point.

3) An immediate inquiry with the five Mexican partners to get to the bottom of these allegations; it should be noted that none of them had been contacted by the writer concerned to verify the story. In short, inferences had been made and a “rush to judgment” had occurred which then made Development and Peace “guilty by association”;

There was no rush to judgement. There was hard, concrete evidence by multiple credible sources that was corroborated by pro-life organizations in Mexico.  By all means, get to the bottom of the allegations. Just be sure when you get to the bottom, you have something concrete to pull up.

4) Development and Peace then asked for and received written assurances from these five partners that confirmed our understanding of the situation;

Written assurances from the parties in question can hardly be considered any kind of proof against the allegations about them, especially when answering the “wrong way” can result in their funding being cut. Give me a break.

5) Development and Peace then released a statement addressing these allegations;

6) National Council (our governing board) at our meeting March 20-22, 2009 has initiated a process to develop a policy re-affirming our compliance with the teachings of the Church, including respect for all human life- including the unborn; this will make explicit what we always took for granted- our faithfulness to our Catholic roots, the teachings of the Church in general and Catholic social teaching as the foundation of all our work.

That’s great. But where is our money going and who is benefiting from it?  That’s the 10 million dollar question.

Other recent activities:

1) ShareLife and the Archdiocese of Toronto have put out a communication to all parishes in the area to re-assure them that all allegations would be fully investigated;

2) The CCCB issued a message to the Catholics of Canada regarding Development and Peace and expressing their support for the 2009 Share Lent Collection;

3) In the meantime, as a result of the publication of these allegations, many Catholics- including our own Development and Peace members- were continuing to express concern to us and to their bishops.

4) We have decided that an additional measure of re-assurance and due diligence is required and have decided:

    a) to temporarily suspend funding to all five Mexican partners and b) to send a delegation of senior staff to Mexico to meet with our partners for further consultation and dialogue. This measure is also supported by our bishops.

I encourage you to visit our website for more information as it becomes available.

On behalf of National Council, I wish all our members success on Solidarity Sunday, March 29, 2009 and the blessings of Easter.

In Solidarity,
Pat Hogan
President of National Council

Folks, while we’re doing this to end the slaughter in this country….


the pro-abort forces are playing us for the local village idiots as they rake in millions of our dollars, a good portion of which could be enabling pro-abort organizations to change the abortion and family laws of these poor nations.   We’re being used to foist their sick sexual imperialism on the most needy and innocent in this world – all to advance their perverse agenda of killing innocent babies.

And what is Development & Peace doing?  They are jet-setting off to Mexico to hear their pro-abort partners assure them that everything is just swell and the money is going exactly to where it belongs, and to secure an official signature on an official form with an official stamp which says their partners are A-OK certified and have nothing to do with abortion.  Indeed, what more evidence could we possibly need? 

And who’s paying for the trip to collect this “evidence”?  Well, that would be you…or it used to be you.

CCODP Abortion Scandal Index Page


From the Comments Section in another Post….this about sums it up….

Jeremiah 6:14 (New International Version)

 14 They dress the wound of my people
       as though it were not serious.
       ‘Peace, peace,’ they say,
       when there is no peace.

Pat Hogan,

Thank you for your reply. I am sure you will understand if I do not accept such a vague statement as “Nothing could be farther from the truth” without any detailed rebuttal of the accusations. I have read your statements. There was not a detailed response there either. Am I to believe that Lifesitenews just pulled this out of thin air? This was completely manufactured on their part? You do realize you have lost credibility, right? You’ll have to bother with specifics and proof… Lifesitenews has printed a number of very specific claims. Surely they can all be easliy debunked if they are not true.

Since Development and Peace has not taken responsibility in this matter and admitted fault, I can no longer consider it a trustworthy organization. I am more shocked and scandalized at the lack of responsibilty in this matter than at the wrongly directed funds. This is an outrage!

I will pray that the haze of confusion you are in will be pierced by the light of truth and that you will have the courage to stand up for it.


5 thoughts on “Development & Peace: Digging Their Heels Into A Deep Hole

  1. I find it interesting that D&P have decided to develop a policy that affirms its compliance with the teachings of the Church. The question that needs to be asked and should have been asked by the Bishops, is why D&P haven’t done this in the first place? Could it be that they have been knowingly supporting unfaithful groups/partners/organizations for years? Just a thought.

  2. I say if people have money to give, they should give it to a local charity composed of people they know and trust. There is a problem with big bureaucracies, of which Development and Peace is an example. They are difficult to know and trust. The decision-makers easily stay insulated from the real problems on the street. In the ivory tower their decisions are often compromised by their ignorance. I will not trust them even after they make a public response. So far, it all seems to be self-justifying damage control – the very kind of thing you expect from bureaucracies.
    These problems don’t exist in small local charities where you can talk person-to-person with the decision makers and service providers. Can you give a list of local charities that we can contact and speak with?

  3. It would be a good idea for D & P to be very transparent at this time. Financial Statments detailing each and every group/organiztion funded would be a good start.

    There were allegations made and never addressed more than 20 years ago. Since then I have not supported D & P, but there are many worthy Catholic charities which do not have a questionable ‘raison d’etre’.

  4. Pat Hogan’s letter is just a long and boring enumeration of non-events.

    If this were a court trial, how long do you think a judge would put up with the defendant simply repeating his innocence, without any proof?

    Remember the sponsorship scandal? Remember how the politicians would deny everything at the beginning? That’s what’s going on here.

    As long as D&P in incapable of offering a rebuttal for the hard evidence against them (which grows everyday) and instead continues to repeat banal denials, they are simply proving to the entire world that they are guilty as charged because they have no substantive arguments to present.

  5. Dear Pat Hogan,
    I am writing to express my concerns about your organization, and your response to those concerns. Your decision to deny all allegations is feeble, and the further decision to send “a delegation of senior staff to Mexico to meet with our partners for further consultation and dialogue” is even worse.
    I would like to see D&P use the phone, the fax and the internet to help solve these scandals. Make ethical use of your hard-earned donations. Do you know how many good Catholic families collect their nickels and dimes during Lent, in the hopes of alleviating the suffering of the poor in the Third World. Please don’t use that money for airfare instead!
    As to the funding of pro-abortion groups; the evidence is distressing. It is time for you to sit down with lifesitenews and clear the air. Until that time, ALL my donation monies will be going to lifesite.
    You can be also be certain that I will be passing along John Pacheco’s findings to my friends, relatives, and fellow Catholics.
    Mrs. Kathie Hogan
    (no relation to above)
    St. Peter the Apostle Parish

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