Development & Peace: Bottom of the Barrel…Again

Legate readers might have read in the past about our previous reports on Development & Peace and their very low ranking by MoneySense Magazine.  Here is a snippet of last year’s report:

So how did Development and Peace score? They didn’t make the list. Keep in mind that MoneySense doesn’t publish the ranking of every charity in the country. It only publishes the top 100, which are grouped into eight broad categories. D&P falls into the International Aid and Development category, within which MoneySense published rankings for 14 organizations. D&P is not part of the list. I guess it was a bad year.  In 2012, you may recall, D&P trumpeted with much fanfare that they had achieved an overall score of A- in the MoneySense ranking, up from their previous score of B. However, in the ever important category of Overall Charity Efficiency, they had scored just a “C+” back in 2012. That was the worst score among the charities published in International Aid and Development category. So if MoneySense found that D&P was doing a lousy job of stewardship, how did they get an overall score of A-? Part of it is attributable to a laughable score of A in transparency. Anybody who has followed the D&P scandal over the last 4½ years knows that D&P is anything but transparent. I surmise that in 2013, MoneySense took a closer look at D&P transparency’s practices and gave them a much lower score, resulting in D&P dropping from the published list. That’s my gut feeling. (Source)

Well, MoneySense’s 2014 assessment has just come out and D&P has ranked near the bottom of the barrel again on efficiency and governance, the only areas that really matter when you are selecting which charity to give your money to.  Ironically, D&P is under the “religion category”.  It’s an amazing thing that since 2011, not much has changed. They have not really improved at all.  They’re still near the bottom of the barrel in handling and spending your money.  On other hand, Chalice has a grade of A to A+ in every category, yet again — a stellar achievement, most worthy of your support.

Five years after The Catholic Legate (then Socon or Bust) helped shine the light on Development & Peace’s sad support for pro-abortion groups and poor management of Catholic money, the former problem has been somewhat mitigated although not altogether eliminated while the management of our money still needs lots of improvement.

The Catholic Legate continues to encourage our readers to give your money to more worthy causes like Chalice who do real social justice. Don’t ever give any money to Development & Peace.

2 thoughts on “Development & Peace: Bottom of the Barrel…Again

  1. Does anyone know whether the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Ottawa is supportable by Catholics? I know they accept donations of used clothing and other goods, but I don’t want to give to them unless their activities are in accord with the teachings of the Church.

    Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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