Development & Peace and their dangerous liaisons

Development & Peace, the Canadian Bishops’ Social Justice organization, has lost a lot of support from all quarters over the past several months – in the pews, among their own members, from their Leftist allies in politics and media, and even from the Government. The only place that their support has stayed largely in tact has been with the Bishops of Canada who have stubbornly refused to make any meaningful reforms.

The groups listed below are groups that Development & Peace was caught funding (or supporting) AFTER the Bishops had promised to clean up the problems.   We don’t know if this funding has since stopped since these stories first broke.

53 APROFISA Haiti Contraception/Abortion SCB  LSN
54 AGENDA 21 Canada “Reproductive Health” SCB  
55 NGO Forum on Cambodia Cambodia Abortion   LSN
56 CRIPIDES El Savador Birth Control SCB  

Everything is clouded in secrecy and silence.  Transparency is obviously not on the top of the agenda for either the Bishops of this country or their “development and aid” arm.  The gravy train, as they say, continues to roll…but at a reduced speed.  The only difference with Development & Peace today compared to the past four years is that they are a lot more savvy in letting the public know which pro-abortion and pro-contraception groups they are funding.  Their website has been stripped and sanitized of most of their past partners.  When I say “past” partners, I’m being very generous. They tell us that they are down to 90 partners, but they don’t give us a comprehensive list of who these partners are – not unlike in the past when they proudly displayed their pro-abort partners on their website.  No more bonanza for the bloggers. Now we have to go digging a lot harder to shake them down.

But fear not dear reader.

I have another dangerous liaison to reveal just for you!

One of D&P’s Canadian allies is a group called Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC).   These are some of the things that CCIC advocates for:

  • “The human rights of women include their right to have control over and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to their sexuality, including sexual and reproductive health, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.”… Further, if women who wanted effective contraception had access to it, one in three deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth could be avoided….A key factor to women’s health is early access to sexual and reproductive services. Lack of these services can lead to high mortality rates among women and children; the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS, and increases in deaths, injuries and disabilities from unsafe abortions and poor birth spacing. (Source)
  • A focus on MDGs as the framework for making progress on poverty may become a set-back for the global agenda for women’s empowerment in the 1990s. Women’s organizations have pointed to the exclusion from the MDGs of women’s sexual and reproductive rights due to the forces of religious fundamentalism in global politics. (Source)
  •  CSOs must keep in mind the incomplete nature of the MDGs and re-introduce “lost” goals and indicators (e.g. reproductive and sexual rights). We should, for example, draw upon indicators that exist for monitoring other UN agreements and treaties that are rights-based (human rights conventions, Beijing Platform for Action, etc.) (Source)
  • Mainstreaming gender equality – The government’s focus on gender is welcome, as is its recognition of the shortcomings of the current Bank approach to mainstreaming gender at the institution. Looking forward, the Canadian government should, as the group GenderAction has argued in its analysis of the Bank’s gender policy, do the following: encourage the Bank to develop a human rights framework to guide its work on gender equality and women’s rights, including on reproductive health; promote the development of more robust, transparent gender-disaggregated data; and, work with Bank officials to develop a plan to build gender mainstreaming capacity in Bank country offices. Canada should support the inclusion of all of the above elements in the monitoring framework on gender mainstreaming that the Bank is developing.  (Source)

So, folks, the partners and the friends that D&P continue to associate with really haven’t changed all that much.   It’s the same business as before.

But, you know, it’s easier to put up suggested homilies that few (if any) priests have any clue about, then it is making the social justice industry uncomfortable in the Catholic Church.

I really do hope that this is one area that Pope Francis digs his teeth into.  If he wants to reform places in the Church, there’s one big, fat, stinking Dump known as social justice that needs some major clean up.

Development & Peace represents everything wrong with the Catholic Church’s institutions.  They are a stumbling block to the New Evangelization.

Unfortunately for the Unborn, Development & Peace has this magical trance over the Canadian bishops.  The Bishops are like King Théoden under the spell of Saruman. Let’s hope Francis is our Gandalf.

3 thoughts on “Development & Peace and their dangerous liaisons

  1. Thanks, John, for not giving one single inch on this. Catholics are pro-life. Period.
    It would be great if your readers could write a quick note to Bishop Mulhall (Pembroke) on this issue- he is the only bishop that is not supporting Development and Peace in his diocese.

  2. You state that Development & Peace has this magical trance over the Canadian Bishops. That is perhaps the charitable view.

    But a good case now exists for suggesting that Development & Peace are doing precisely what the Canadian Bishops – except Bishop Mulhall) want.

  3. Look at my Church, they post reminders about being generous for D & P.,%202013.pdf

    I sincerely don’t believe that D & P is losing a lot of support in the pews. They are losing some for sure. I know that I’ve played a huge part in getting the word out in my parish.

    Our Archbishop will be visiting our parish this coming weekend and I will make sure I will be asking him about D & P’s continued support for abortion and the secrecy of who they partner with.

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