Development, Peace and Corruption in Canada – A Catholic Saga

…Regardless of how this investigation is handled, one fact is clear. A Catholic charity, which is extending the hand and the money of the Catholic Church to those in need around the world should be totally faithful to Church teaching, regardless of what other work it is involved in. It would seem to us, at least, that the first priority would be to make certain that those charities receiving support are free of all advocacy for abortion.

I recall that when I was in Toronto last month delivering a series of speeches to Alliance for Life, a wonderful bishop, his Excellency Anthony Tonnos, stood up to speak to the audience at the April 24 gala banquet. In his presentation, he apologized to the attendees for the mess that been stirred up over the financial dealings of Development and Peace. He went on to explain that the CCCB was involved in an ongoing and thorough examination of the matter and he knew that a resolution would be reached that would be acceptable to all Canadian pro-life Catholics….(Source)


2 thoughts on “Development, Peace and Corruption in Canada – A Catholic Saga

  1. Even if the bishops come up with a solution that is satisfactory to pro life catholics — I didn’t know you could be pro- choice and still catholic– let’s not forget that it still means there is a lot of restitution and reparation to God and to people that needs to be done for the last several years of negligence from CCCB. And does it mean that they realize that the entire D&P needs to be gutted out and rebuilt from scratch? Time will tell. Golfing partners can be tight.

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