Development & Peace Admits Concern over Diocese Funding Restrictions

I ask you to recall the reason the church directed the faithful to STOP supporting UNICEF; an organization very similar to Development and Peace that was helping children throughout the world.  Many of us were great supporters until it was discovered they also funded Planned Parenthood.

The Church specified as LifesiteNews pointed out early in their reports on Development and Peace, it is the fact these agencies supported by Development and Peace are funding gravely immoral actions like abortion rights and contraception, that we must refrain from sending them any monies at all.

This is a no brainer.  There is proof that at least ten agencies Development and Peace are supporting, are participating in these gravely immoral actions. Hence as with UNICEF, Canadian Catholics should be instructed by their Bishops not to give any monies to Development and Peace.

Leeda Crawford
Toronto, Ontario


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