Development and Peace still working with anti-life partners

Last month, Development and Peace (D&P) put out a statement on the climate change conference that took place in Cancun, Mexico. We already knew that D&P was committed to the global warming cause, so that part isn’t new.  But there are a few points worth highlighting, particularly for Catholics concerned with D&P’s funding of anti-life groups. Let’s look at some key excerpts from their statement. 

Climate change hysteria

First, they start by gratuitously attributing natural disasters to man-made climate change.

After deadly floods pounded into Pakistan in August 2010, leaving four million homeless and affecting the lives of over 20 million, Canadians responded generously to an emergency appeal by Development and Peace. Caritas Pakistan officials confirmed that the unusually heavy seasonal rains were the worst natural disaster that the country has seen in many years, and that national infrastructures were unprepared.

On another continent, insufficient and erratic rainfall over the last few years compounded the desperately arid situation in Africa’s Sahel region, leading to another serious food crisis in Niger. Development and Peace responded by supporting its partner Caritas Niger in providing emergency supplies to those affected.

As Socon or Bust has reported before, eco-frauds are running wild these days.  Any and every problem of mankind is blamed on man-made “climate change”.  Whether the weather is hot or cold, dry or wet, there’s always somebody out there with the gall to blame it on climate change.  But usually such contradictions occur in different articles.  It’s not every day that we see both rain and drought attributed to climate change in the same article – in consecutive paragraphs, no less!

The science of climate change grows shakier with every passing day.  As explained by Paul Murphy in this excellent blog post, the data upon which we derive our climate change conclusions are precarious at best. The weather stations and temperature sensors throughout the world are very unevenly distributed, leaving huge gaps in coverage:

Well, in total the world has less than one sensor for every sixty thousand square kilometers; about three quarters of them are closely grouped in the United States, western Europe, and the militarily significant part of southeastern Russia; almost none have trustworthy time-of-readings records for more than a few years; most of the records are both short and discontinuous; most of the readings are accurate only within loose bounds; and an unknown proportion of the time series supposedly formed from instrument readings contain unknown interpolations.

That’s right folks.  Three-quarters of the thermometers on Earth are located in regions that account for roughly 5% of the surface of the planet.  For the other 95%, we have very little coverage, especially near the poles and obviously over the oceans (temperature readings from satellites have much better coverage, but the data only begins in the 1970s, so we have only 40 years of readings).

Even where we have lots of coverage, like the US, the data is crappy.  A recent survey of weather stations found that 89% did not meet the government’s own quality guidelines because they were located in places that could severely bias the temperature: on blistering rooftops, in asphalt parking lots, next to air conditioner exhausts, etc.  Not exactly rock solid science, wouldn’t you say?  Heck, you’d probably fail your high school science class if you based a project on temperatures from a steaming asphalt parking lot.

Given the lousiness of the temperature data and the huge measurement errors involved, it’s unbelievable how anybody can seriously be making a big deal about an alleged increase of 0.7 degrees over a century. It’s a scandal that our hard earned social justice donations are being used to fight a “phantom menace” rather than real hunger and disease.

Still standing should-to-shoulder with anti-life groups

But it gets worse, as D&P is clearly not giving up on its affinities with anti-life groups. This should raise red flags for the Canadian bishops, who recently committed to cleaning up D&P.

Development and Peace can only echo the conclusions of other Canadian civil society organizations, including our ecumenical partner organization Kairos, who are calling for a national consultation on Canada’s climate policy after a November 2010 opinion poll found that over 80 percent of the Canadian public favour a radical change in the government’s climate change policies.

Ah yes, our good ‘ol buddies at Kairos.  As exposed by Fr. Alphonse de Valk of Catholic Insight magazine, the Education and Communication departments of Kairos are staffed by lesbians who openly flaunt the homosexual lifestyle.   Moreover, Kairos advocates against the State of Israel, calling for its political dismembering.  And this, despite the fact the Vatican has officially acknowledged that the State of Israel has a right to exist.  It got so bad that the Canadian government cut its funding of Kairos. But I guess D&P still likes them.

The D&P statement goes on to name another infamous partner from Haiti that Socon or Bust outed almost a year ago:

For Development and Peace’s Haitian partner, the Papaye Peasant Movement (MPP), a concerted effort to turn away from large scale agricultural projects is the only way towards sustainability.

You can read our earlier coverage of MPP here.  In a nutshell, MPP founded an organization that publicly advocates for the depenalization of abortion in Latin America.  MPP is also directly involved in “sexual education”, “responsible parenthood” and “women’s rights”, which are the standard euphemisms for condoms and other contraception.

In other words, it seems to be business as usual at D&P headquarters.  No substantial change is yet visible.

World Climate and Justice Tribunal

This is perhaps the scariest part D&P’s statement:

Development and Peace also echoes the call of the Cochabamba World People’s Conference on Climate Change for a World Climate and Justice Tribunal to judge and penalize countries and corporations whose actions have contributed to climate change and damaged the environment. This call was supported by 77 percent of Canadians in the recent poll commissioned by Kairos and other Canadian organizations. As the Cochabamba World People’s Conference on Climate Change pointed out, “It is imperative that we forge a new system that restores harmony with nature and among human beings.” Development and Peace calls on world leaders to rise to the challenge in Cancun.

Yikes!  Can you imagine a tribunal being operated by folks like D&P, punishing nations and companies who failed to meet the Central Planner’s targets of emissions, condom distribution and who knows what else? A preliminary version of this tribunal is already up and running.  Apparently some villagers in Peru are currently suing industrial nations (that’s us) for human rights violations.  Why? Because the glaciers upon which they rely for the irrigation of their farms are disappearing.  They blame it on our CO2 emissions…


Aside from the climate change hysteria, Socon or Bust is troubled that D&P continues to flaunt its association with anti-life groups, despite the fact that the bishops have promised to clean them up.  Has D&P gone rogue?  Are they rebelling even against the bishops?  Time will tell.

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