Development and Peace keeps firing blanks

I must admit that the fringe group opposing pro-life reforms at Development and Peace has lots of contacts in high places. Once again, they’ve managed to trot out some big names to support their cause. Their latest act of desperation comes in the form of a letter signed by the Provincial Superiors of the Jesuits in both Canada and Mexico in support of Fr. Luis Arriaga and the Centre PRODH.

You remember Fr. Arriaga? He’s the leader of that Mexican partner of D&P that was so involved with abortion advocates that Archbishop Prendergast of Ottawa (also a Jesuit, by the way) had to essentially deport him from the archdiocese and D&P had to subsequently cut all funding to him.

While an endorsement from the Provincial Superiors of the Jesuits may sound impressive, it’s kinda like hiring the Terminator but only equipping him with a water pistol. There’s no substance here.

So what does the letter say?  It uses lots of words to basically provide an endorsement of Fr. Arriaga and the work of the Centre PRODH. It also continues to perpetuate a few of D&P’s favourite myths:

  • It makes the gratuitous and unsubstantiated claim that the Centre was not involved in the promotion of abortion. They don’t present any evidence nor do they attempt to address the evidence brought against the Centre. Same old, same old.
  • They invoke the CCCB’s defunct whitewash report as evidence that the Centre is innocent. They didn’t get the memo that the CCCB has modified the exegesis of their infamous report.
  • They argue that Mexico is such a violent country that we need to support people like Fr. Arriaga. No we don’t. We need to support genuine social justice that will continue any good work that Fr. Arriaga was doing but will drop all the bad stuff he was involved in.

I honestly don’t know who commissioned this letter. Maybe D&P, maybe Fr. Arriaga himself. Who cares. It clearly misses the point because it continues to ignore THE FACTS. The letter is just a load of hot air with no supporting evidence.

Those of us that have been following the D&P scandal for the last two years have learned to keep our expectations at rock bottom so as not to be disappointed. As they say, you’ve got to guard your heart. So in that respect, the letter doesn’t disappoint. 😉

So why does Socon or Bust bother reporting on this letter? Solely to make sure that if anybody ever tries to pull the wool over your eyes by invoking this letter, you will be informed and equipped to deal with it.

The fringe group opposing pro-life reforms at D&P just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t matter what Top Dog or Big Cheese they can convince into signing an exoneration, it just won’t stick if it’s not backed by hard facts.  That’s why they continue to lose ground in its battle to defend the indefensible. They’re entirely consumed by PR but devoid of substance.

As for the Provincial Superiors, their reputations just took a big hit. If I was a buddy of D&P and somebody called on me to issue a letter of support, I’d think twice about it. Imagine for a moment that we’re back in 1972 and you’re a big-shot buddy of President Nixon. The Watergate scandal is wreaking havoc on his popularity numbers and he asks you to give a public endorsement of his integrity. If you were to say yes, you would go down in history as a liar, a traitor or at best a useful idiot. So my friendly advice of any buddies of D&P who might be getting a phone call in the next few weeks: just say No.

By the way, the fact that this fringe group has so many contacts  in high places is symptomatic of how deep and how high the rot in the Catholic Church runs. Even if we win the war over D&P, clearly there will remain lots of work to be done elsewhere in the Church.

4 thoughts on “Development and Peace keeps firing blanks

  1. Rather than revolt, I would encourage you all to write the Canadian provincial of the English Jesuits: Fr. Jim Webb SJ.

    He will be able to answer any and all of your questions. His address is :

  2. Keep in mind that part of the Jesuit way is that they always have to take what people say and do in the best possible light.

    I imagine that this makes it hard for them to take a strong stand against anyone. Note that this is different from taking a stand against a policy or an action. But this is a letter about a specific person, so I wouldn’t put much stock in it being objective. Their policy is to always be biased towards seeing the good in everyone. Which I’m sure is good in some situations, but perhaps not in doing battle with the culture of death within the church.

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