“Development and Peace” Funding Sixth Pro-Abortion Organization in Mexico

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

GUADALAJARA, April 6, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A sixth Mexican group funded by the Canadian bishops’ international aid organization is involved in abortion advocacy, LifeSiteNews has learned.

The Center for Support for the Popular Movement of the West (Centro de Apoyo para el Moviemento Popular de Occidente – CAMPO), received $35,000 Canadian dollars in the 2007-2008 year from the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP).

CAMPO, which calls itself a “feminist” organization, recently signed a document denouncing a constitutional amendment passed in the state of Jalisco protecting the right to life “from the moment of conception to natural death.”  A CAMPO official acknowledged in an interview with LifeSiteNews that the organization signed the document, a copy which is displayed on the socialist website “Sendero de Peje” (see original in Spanish at http://sdpjalisco.senderodelpeje.com/2009/02/25/comunicado-d…).

According to CAMPO and the other groups that signed the protest, the state’s pro-life amendment “contravenes state, national, and international human rights legislation and sharpens discrimination against women.”

The signing groups have written that they believe that prohibiting abortion is a form of “torture” and is “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Jalisco’s pro-life amendment offends “the right to physical integrity, prohibition of torture, cruel and inhuman treatment, especially affects the right of health, access to medical attention…, the right to decide freely and responsibly the number of one’s children without being subject to coercion, discrimination and violence…, obligation to respect (access to abortion by public officials), due process (sanctioning and repairing damage when third parties commit these types of torture),” according to the joint document.

The protest closes by saying that the amendment is “unconstitutional” and “criminalizes the women of Jalisco and signifies a grave retreat in the rights” of the people of the state.”

In the interview with LifeSiteNews, Maria Respovio Avila of CAMPO confirmed her organization’s agreement with the protest, explaining that their position on the issue is “a general posture of human rights and the right to decide.”

According to Development and Peace, the $35,000 CAD sent to the organization (which if extended over the full 2006-2011 plan will amount to $175,000 CAD), is spent to “Strengthen organizing and participation of women” and “Coaching and guidance of women’s production projects.”

As LifeSiteNews has reported over the last month, the CCODP is funding numerous organizations that advocate the legalization of abortion in various countries, including five other such organizations in Mexico, three in Africa, two in Brazil, two in Haiti and one in Togo.  In addition, the National Catholic Register has reported that a Bolivian organization supported by the CCODP is also pro-abortion.

LifeSiteNews is investigating other organizations funded by Development and Peace and will be reporting its findings in the days to come.

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