Developing a Policy Discussion Paper for Socons

Well, instead of simply talking about it, I am actually going to start doing it.

I am putting together a rather comprehensive political policy document for discussion among social conservatives in Canada.

I am uncertain where this will lead. Perhaps it will serve as a launching point to discuss a possible coalition with other groups. All I know is that I have to get something down on paper so we can get the ball rolling.

My strategy is really quite simple: develop a comprehensive (although not yet exhaustive) policy platform (on all the issues) that most social conservatives are willing to accept. Then approach other groups who might be open to most of our policies to see if we can cut a deal. We will, however, have our non-negotiables, of course. Otherwise, there would be no point in forming any proposed coalition.

Socons will not play the lap dog again. We will be real players in any coalition or there won’t be any coalition.

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