2 thoughts on “Despite bishop’s meeting request, Fr. Pavone a “no-show”

  1. You could not have read the statement by the spokesperson for Priests for Life. Father Pavone was advised not to meet with the bishop privately, but Priests for Life have asked Bishop Zurek for a mediator. The bishop has not responded.
    It would appear that several advisors have suggested a mediator as the case is fraught with misunderstanding. A meeting between Pavone and Zurek without a mediator could be reported incorrectly. And given the difficulties that have gone on, a mediator would be a wise suggestion.
    So the ball is in the bishop’s court – mediator please?

  2. Many of us have been receiving e-mails urging us to “Free Fr. Pavone” as if Fr. Pavone were in a prison. I don’t know what the truth of this situation is, none of us except God, Bishop Zurek and Fr. Pavone know, so we should just pray and pray and pray. However, Father Pavone is continuously sending out massive e-mails urging us to send him money, the largest amount of money possible, telling us that if we don’t send him money, babies could die. This is very bizarre. No one is indispensable – no one! Fr. Pavone and his fans seem to think that the pro-life cause will just disintegrate if Fr. Pavone is asked to step aside for a while. Mother Theresa died and someone took her place and her communtiy is thriving. Our beloved Pope John Paul died and our much loved Pope Benedict took his place. God provides. What will harm Priests-for-Life is if Fr. Pavone decides that his work is more important than his Priesthood. Let’s pray that all will be done according to God’s will.

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