Desecrating the Eucharist Becoming Commonplace Among Liberals

GUAYAQUIL, August 11, 2008 ( – In response to criticisms by the nation’s Catholic bishops regarding pro-abortion and anti-family language in Ecuador’s new proposed Constitution, a group of people entered a chapel in Guayaquil, grabbed the Eucharistic host that was exposed for adoration, tore it apart, spat on it, and stepped on it, according to ACI Prensa.

I see the liberals are showing us once again what they think of freedom of association and freedom of religion.

Wars have been fought over much less than what these fools did in their ultimate form of blasphemy.  You can consider that a warning.

There’ll come a time when Catholics will refuse to let this happen and take the necessary steps to ensure that it doesn’t.  That time is coming sooner than we all think.

One thought on “Desecrating the Eucharist Becoming Commonplace Among Liberals

  1. Desecrating the image of God has become commonplace for the liberal-minded (Genesis 1:27).
    It only follows that they would desecrate the Eucharist (Romans 1:28).
    Evil is prospering because good men and women choose to do nothing.

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