Denying Holy Communion

Note: This Fr. Elijah’s first post at SoCon or Bust…..


Since many Liberal and NDP Catholics are non-practicing or cafeteria Catholics who believe God holds nothing against anyone, they have no problem with being denied Communion.  In fact it becomes a feather in their cap with the majority of Canadians and the media – they are seen to be standing up for free thought and choice against the Catholic Church’s attempts to force its rules and beliefs on Canadians via docile Catholic politicians.  

And besides, dissenting politicians, like most Catholics in irregular or immoral situations today (e.g. divorced and remarried outside the church, infrequent churchgoers, cohabiting couples, gay partners, etc.), whenever they do darken the doors of a Catholic Church go to Communion anyway, since their consciences are their guides not any priest and his archain rules.  So the “threat” that the brave politicians are standing up is seen as no threat. 

But if a real threat comes their way, like Islamicist violence over Dutch cartoons or gay activists angered over a “hurtful” remark, watch our brave and conscience-bound politicians run for cover, all the while offering obsequious apologies – brave in a manner similar to most Canadians.

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