Demographic trends will cause big headaches for pro-choice crowd

Socon or Bust occasionally comments on demographic trends and how they’ve been influenced by the Culture of Death. One of these trends is that pro-choicers are getting old and scarce, seeing that they have less kids than pro-lifers.  This will  obviously have major ramifications for the political landscape in the U.S., as described below.

WASHINGTON – The 2010 census report coming out Tuesday will include lots of good political news for Republicans and grim data for Democrats hoping to re-elect President Barack Obama and rebound from last month’s devastating elections.

The population continues to shift from Democratic-leaning Rust Belt states to Republican-leaning Sun Belt states, a trend the Census Bureau will detail in its once-a-decade report to the president. Political clout shifts, too, because the U.S. must reapportion the 435 House districts to make them roughly equal in population, based on the latest census figures.

The biggest gainer will be Texas, a Republican-dominated state expected to gain up to four new House seats, for a total of 36. The chief losers — New York and Ohio, each projected by nongovernment analysts to lose two seats — were carried by Obama in 2008 and are typical of states in the Northeast and Midwest that are declining in political influence. (Source)

We’ll be seeing more of this as the years go on.  Granted, these moves are not going to cause a revolution in U.S. politics overnight.  Demographic trends evolve slowly and take decades to unfold.  Moreover, our children can be deceived into joining the dark side, so demographics don’t determine everything.  We still need to raise our kids properly. But the trends are undeniable.  Like the creeping of tectonic plates, which only move by an inch or so per year, the force is unstoppable and relentless and eventually causes the earth to shake.

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