Democratic Party: Anti Catholic BIGOTS

A campaign postcard the Minnesota Democratic Party sent to voters in the Midwestern state is causing a strong reaction from pro-life advocates. It claims the Catholic Church is more concerned with abortion than helping the poor.The postcard features a large photo of a older but faceless Catholic priest holding a Bible and wearing the clearly-seen Roman Catholic collar.

The priest sports a campaign button in a red, white and blue motif with the words, “Ignore the Poor.”

The ad, in the estimation of National Catholic Register writer Matt Archbold is blatantly anti-Catholic and meant to tell voters the Catholic Church is more concerned about abortion than the plight of the poor….read the rest here.

Good. It’s about time all of this diplomatic baloney end.  The Democratic Party is showing its true colours.  The Catholic Church, of course, is the biggest alleviator of poverty in the world.  It just goes to show how absurd and desperate leftists have become.  This can only be a good thing for the Catholic Church to unify itself and become a political force again.

If it continues on this blatant bigotry road, the Democratic Party might be the best thing to happen to the Catholic Church in decades.  You go, Donkey!  Tell us how to do “social justice”.

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