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  1. The first Athens, and our own since 1962 so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Democracy teaches us that a democracy cannot remain just when built on a false worldview/ religion.Before the 1960’s Western Civilization was Christian of sorts in Government,Law ,and Education. My contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers,and The Ten Commandments were on Government,Court and schoolhouse walls, and in the majorities hearts,and minds.Our Civilization was blessed,and improving, because of a superior benevolent Worldview.Emperor Constantine of Rome Converted to Christianity from multicultural Paganism,because of the Benevolent Worldview/Religion.The West saw the value of this superior worldview until 1962,then converted back to Paganism albeit the so-called “neutral” Secular version as their State Sanctioned Religion/Worldsview in Government,Law and Education.Paganism corrupts and cannot co-exist with Christianity.Before Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity,Christians were murdered and abused for sport.Kind of like Jizya Islam’s Koranic Infidel Tax.Since Western Civilizations conversion back to Paganism in the 1960’s,Christians are name called and abused for sport.Children are brainwashed in the tenets of so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism by adult school teachers,and homosexual activists,as so-called human rights and social justices.As in pagan Greece and Pagan Rome more people are recruited into State Sanctioned morbid Worldviews.Pagan Western Civilization albeit the so-called “neutral”Secular variety is reaping the consequences that were once foreign to The Christian West.In a democracy the laws of the land reflect the voting majorities will.The people get what the majority gets talked into believing,even so-called christians.

  2. This is what is occurring throughout so-called neutral Western Democratic Secular Pagan Civilization,in Government,Law and Education.This is the result of the Political Paradigm shift from Christianity as the State sanctioned Worldview,to the so-called neutral Secular Paganism starting in 1962.Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Multicultural Paganism about the year 307.This stopped the Christian murders and persecution by Pagans for sport by decree.Political Apathy and Indifference has led Western Democratic voters to be Politically talked into legalizing Pagan morality and justice,albeit the so-called neutral variety.A Secular Pagan Democratic Church cannot see the evil of brainwashing innocent,impressionable school children,by adult school teachers and homosexual activists into the tenets of so-called neutral Secular Paganism.

    Rhode Island Supreme Court so-called Justice William Robinson just delivered a ruling that forcing Christian firefighters to drive a fire truck through a “Homosexual” Pride Parade route against their conscience is a “legitimate work assignment.”

    The ruling comes more than a decade after two Roman Catholic firefighters, Stephen Deninno and Theodore Fabrizio, filed lawsuits against Providence Fire Department Chief James Rattigan and former Mayor Buddy Cianci. They objected to taking part in the 2001 LGBT celebration taking place in the streets of Providence, Rhode Island because they did not condone or support homosexual behavior, a conviction that is in alignment with their sincerely held Catholic Worldview.

    Supreme Court Justice William Robinson wrote in The High Court’s Unanimous Precedent Setting Five-Member Decision that firefighters being assigned to drive their truck alongside boisterous parading members of the homosexual community was a “relatively anonymous” job task that they should be forced to perform regardless of their faith-based convictions.

    “The respondents’ appearance in The Gay Pride Parade, solely as members of the Providence Fire Department, did not constitute a form of expression on their part,” Robinson stated in the ruling, according to the Associated Press. “Rather, it was simply the accomplishing of a task assigned to an engine company of the Providence Fire Department.”

    A violation of constitutional rights?

    When Deninno and Fabrizio filed their lawsuits against the fire department and city more than 10 years ago in 2004, they sought punitive and compensatory damages, citing that their free speech and religious freedom rights protected under the United States Constitution were violated as civil servants and American citizens.

    In their complaints, both firemen stated that they had explained to the fire department that being part of The Gay Pride Parade celebrating homosexual behavior went against their sincerely held religious beliefs based in the Bible when it comes to homosexual behavior, and participating in events that promote such activity.

    According to Deninno’s and Fabrizio’s attorney, they did not ask to be thoroughly absolved of their duty to drive fire trucks through parade routes,just to be reassigned to another assignment that would not call for them to compromise their faith-based convictions. The prosecuting lawyer maintained that the fire chief refused to take into consideration or honor either firefighter’s request.

    As a result of the denial, both men expressed that they were targets of discrimination, experiencing sexual harassment both during and after the flamboyant Gay Pride Parade from spectators and co-workers alike.

    Not agreeing with the allegations made in the firefighters’ complaints, the Rhode Island Supreme Court “justified” the men’s compelled participation in the “gay pride” parade by arguing that they were anonymously chosen for the duty simply because the fire station they worked at happened to be closer to the parade route than any other in the area.

    The Five Members of The High Court implied that the parade promoting homosexual behavior was no different than any of the other parades held in the city of Providence, and that the firefighters should not have had any problem with working it.

    In an attempt to influence Judge Robinson’s decision several months ago in September before the ruling was made, one of the city’s defense attorneys asserted in the arguments that the city of Providence dispatched fire trucks to a number of different parades such as the Purim parade and Columbus Day parade, as strictly a “matter or course.”

    Get over it freedom to object to homosexuality no longer acceptable?

    Wanting to speed up the litigation (in his favor) of the lawsuit brought against him in 2004, Cianci made it a point to complain about the rate of the sluggish legal proceedings as they passed the 10-year mark following the September hearing last year. Legal objections to Cianci’s role in not permitting the firefighters to be reassigned in 2001 had already been made against Cianci while he was still in office. He left his position as mayor of Providence back in 2002 after an unsuccessful reelection bid.

    Apparently succumbing to the pressure for the case to move forward, Robinson referred to the protracted length of the cases in the state’s court system. The judge drew an analogy between the firefighters’ lawsuits and the fictitious lawsuit, Jarndyce v. Jarndyce, written about in Charles Dickens’ classic, Bleak House. The case in the novel continued on for so many years, it lost its relevance over-complicating the issue at hand to a point where no one still living through the latter stages of the litigation even understood what the case stood for any longer.

    By this assertion, some conservatives and pro-family advocates are speculating whether Robinson was making the point that with the proliferation of the legalization of same-sex “marriage” and LGBT “rights” sweeping across the entire nation,and Western Civilization, issues having to do with the forced acceptance and outright promotion of homosexual behavior should no longer be debatable in a court of law.

    Paganism even The so-called neutral democratic Secular variety cannot Politically co-exist with Christianity, and Christian values.In a Western Democratic Civilization that started every school morning with The Lords Prayer led by school teachers before the 1960s,now reaps the consequences of so-called neutral Political Correctness.

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