Deferring Adulthood

The chief characteristic of our age is “deferred adulthood”. All over North America and Europe there are millions of people going to college for no good reason. Certainly, there’s no reason why the sum of knowledge the average American has accumulated by the time he’s completed a bachelor’s degree should take twenty years to inculcate. We need to redirect the system to telescope education into a much shorter period. Instead, we’ve implicitly accepted that our bodies mature much earlier than our great-grandparents’ but that our minds don’t. We enter adolescence much sooner and leave it much later – in some cases, not until middle age. We’ve created a world where a thirty-one year old European male can stroll into a nightclub, tell the babes he lives at his mom and dad’s place in the same bedroom he’s slept in since he was in diapers-and he can still walk out with a hot-looking date. This guy would have been a laughing stock at any other point in human history. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.191)

I am not sure what is sadder.  The guy or the chick who is attracted to him.

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