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“We shouldn’t say, ‘You’re not worthy to receive the sacraments,’ as if the sacraments are a reward for good behaviour,” he said. “Here the Pope is talking about these people like they are one of us, like they are still loved by God. And the sacraments are there to help us become better people who are able to go into a deeper relationship with God. They’re there to strengthen us, to give us faith, as opposed to being a gold star for being good people.” (Source)

This is not just about marriage. This is about attacking the authority of Christ’s Church.  No one who is separated from their spouse or has obtained a civil divorce is barred from the sacraments or not loved by God.  The claims to the contrary are purely hubris and bullkaka.

However, the presumption of matrimonial validity remains with the bond of holy matrimony which Christ himself elevated to a sacrament.

To saturate or weaken the bond for one couple, means to weaken it for all.  That’s the same principle we apply to same-sex “marriage” when proponents of sodomic unions attempt to ape the covenant between a man and a woman.  There’s not one rule for you and another for me.  There is one truth and it applies to everyone equally, under God’s kingdom.

Therefore, it is a mortal sin on two fronts to contract a faux marriage outside of the Church’s binding witness:

1) Adultery

2) Usurpation of the sacrament

This is not simply about attacking the Sacrament.  It is about attacking the permanency of ALL sacraments and the Catholic Church’s involvement in administering (or witnessing) to those sacraments.

I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit will guard the sacred deposit of our holy faith during these deliberations.  It will be interesting to see how this will work, pastorally.  There are indeed pastoral solutions which may be found to help people go through an annulment process, and for that we can all rejoice.  However, the game afoot is not really about that, is it?  It’s about legitimizing divorce in all but name and, in so doing, superceding the authority of the Church in applying Christ’s radical teaching on marriage.

The same fools who want to water down all of the Church’s teachings from abortion, to contraception, to sodomy to just about everything else, are generally the people who are salivating over this “opportunity”.

And let’s not forget about those poor wives and husbands who have asked that the bond of their marriage be defended and the Church has risen to the occasion to hold the other party to account and upheld the marriage bond.  There are two sides of this story.  All we are hearing from the bedsheet theologians at The Catholic Register is the bleeding heart side who want a loosening of the “bedsheet dogmas”.  Far be it for them to interview the heartbroken spouses who depend on the Bond to call their partners to repentance.  But then again, that’s really never been The Catholic Register’s shtick, has it?

One thought on “Defend the Bond

  1. The canonist was saying that Orthodox allow 2nd and 3rd marriages. What’s up with that?

    The canonist appears to agree with this approach. Is it any wonder why marriage in the Canadian Church is so screwed up?

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