One thought on “Defend Our Right to Believe

  1. Great video message. The minds and hearts of our youth are a powerful starting point in raising society’s awareness of secularism’s culture-destroying agenda. Secularism has deceived people into believing that a hollow, watered down, universally accommodating faith will make everyone comfortable and happy. Instead, it has left people in a moral wasteland, rudderless, joyless and with a sinking feeling of encroaching hopelessness. Let us live our Catholic faith with joy, beauty, kindness, and fiercely defend the choice for life. With Christ’s help, maybe it’s not too late to turn things around for the sake of those many lost souls who long for hope and inner peace, and yearn for the voice of reason illuminated by faith. They are like the harrassed and helpless people of Jesus’ time waiting on the hillside for his words of comfort, meaning and joy – to be passed on by us. Great blog – keep it up.

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