Defacing the Innocent

A friend of mine sent me along these two pictures today.  

When I saw the vandalism on the second sign below, it reminded me of my own experiences with the pro-abort thugs during my election campaign last September. 

While elections signs are usually the target of vandals, the vandalism is directed at ideologies and not actual persons.  In the case of my signs, it was not merely a matter of simply trashing them.  On the contrary, in addition to spray painting and defacing the baby, one particular sign was subject to knifing.  They knifed a picture of an innocent human baby.  

As I stood there inspecting the sign, I just started to weep.  What future, I wondered does this society have when it not only refuses to care for children but openly advocates for their destruction?  We cannot be that far off from open infanticide.  That kind of gives you an idea of where we are going.

Here is the note that my friend attached to the pictures:

You may recall this beautiful banner we brought to this past March for Life on Parliament Hill . Our parish had purchased the banner with the intention of installing it on the front lawn of the Church after the March.

Last week-end our parish pro-life committee finally got around to installing the banner on the front lawn .Hard to believe, but it took only 3 days for the sign to be vandalized. The elderly man’s face was spray painted black, horns were drawn on the baby’s head and his eye was burnt!

Such an innocent photo and message, but what a violent and hateful response! I think the reaction is indicative of our culture ‘s view of life. Keep up the good fight!

5 thoughts on “Defacing the Innocent

  1. How very sad indeed! There is such need for prayer and fasting to break the hold that satan has on so many. Today is a day of prayer and fasting for Henry Morgentaler’s conversion of heart. Only the Lord can change a heart of stone and turn it into a heart of flesh and we need to beg God’s mercy on this man who has so much blood on his hands. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus and beg Him to increase His mercy in us, that in difficult moments such as these we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit oursleves to His Most Holy Will, which is Love and Mercy itself.

  2. Ernst Haeckel doctored pictures of preborn babies also and called it evolution science. They were in all the Darwinian science textbooks of our Western education establishments. He distorted charts in fetal development to emphasize similarities among a pig, cow, rabbit and human. Haeckel’s recapitulation drawings have been used as justification for Roe v Wade and for racism.

    Dr. Carl Sagan used recapitulation as the pretext for communicating that a first trimester abortion does not constitute the painful killing of a human fetus, but rather the termination of a fish or frog.

    Real science proves that the DNA of a fetus is not the same as the DNA of a frog and DNA of a frog is not the DNA of a fish. Rather the DNA of a fetus, horse, monkey, frog, fish or eagle, for that matter, is uniquely programmed for reproduction after its own kind.

    The creation story based on Darwin’s theory has dire consequences for Western Civilization. We were once a haven from evil empires, but now we are just like them. This is what institutionalized atheism through our education establishments has done to Canada and Western Civilization. Harvard professor Stephen Jay Gould wrote an entire book to demonstrate that recapitulation theory is still one of the great themes of evolutionary biology. Haeckel’s theory of recapitulation, has been widely accepted without critical examination. Haeckel used doctored drawings to delude the public. Once deluded in seems many stay that way, because after all its Darwinian humanist Science.

    There are two definitions of science at work here. Science as a methodology, observation, experimentation, testing, and Darwinian Humanist Science as the philosophy and religion of naturalistic materialism with its own creation story that always distorts the facts, and is protected by blasphemy laws in Canada.

  3. You might consider listing a way for people to contribute to replace the banner. I would be happy to help you replace it, and I’m sorry that a bunch of juvenile, cowardly pro-abortion people ruined it. I guess no respect for property or freedom of speech goes hand in hand with no right for the unborn to life.

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