Death Panels Lose; American Priest and Pro-Life Social Media Saves The Day; Canadian Hierarchy Still Stoned; Taliban Catholicism Scores

From LSN’s report here.

“If there is a chance this boy can live, we have to explore every option,” said Fr. Pavone in a Fox News report.  “Now that we have won the battle against the medical bureaucracy in Canada, the real work of saving Baby Joseph can begin.”

The Canadian death panel lost….this time.  But Father Frank can’t be around to air-lift all Canadian babies or even adults out of danger every timeWe have to step to the plate.

Joseph’s previous hospital, London Health Sciences Centre, which refused to perform the tracheostomy and had sought to remove his ventilator against his parents’ wishes, defended their care of Joseph again in a press release Monday.  They insisted he was taken from the hospital “despite the strongest possible medical advice.”

Yes, yes. We know! We know!  Death is the answer! Death is the answer!  We know. That’s what the death panel is all about, after all.   Memo to the death panel:  that baby is not yours.  Get it?  You work for us.  Not the other way around.  If this sad spectacle and perverse morality is not enough to kill socialized medicine in this culture of death, then frankly nothing is.  I say:  down with socialized “medicine”.  Give us private insurance and give us back control over our own health care. 

Do you know what I think?  I think that this baby is going to live.  I think we are going to have a little miracle.  Maybe I’m wrong.  But if I’m not, the London Health Sciences Centre and all the death panels out there are going to hear about it.

The hospital complained that their doctors and staff “were targeted by well-organized social media feeds and directly via email with personal threats, threats to their families, innuendos and falsehoods.”

Oh stop. Do you not expect some people to go overboard in their reaction to your thuggish behaviour?  Let’s get serious.  But thanks for visiting Socon or Bust several times and affirming us,  just the same.  And, of course, we owe a great deal of thanks and appreciation to LifeSiteNews who were on it like a Lila Rose bust on a Planned Parenthood Clinic.  Once again we see the huge place that LifeSiteNews, accompanied by the social media, has had in defending the sanctity of human life.  Cyber pressure on the hospital postponed the plug being pulled to save that baby’s life, just in time for the Little Joseph to be whisked away from the Death Panel’s clutches.  Two hours later and he would have been dead.

Once again, let me just say how profoundly disappointed I am in Salt+Light TV, Bishop Fabbro of London, and the rest of the Catholic hierarchy who raised not finger or wimper about such an important life and death event which occurred literally in their own backyard.    Because, you know,  “they never set themselves up in opposition to something or someone.”  

They’re just sweet lolipops. 

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that the Diocese of London did sweet jack all.  It fits right in with their proportionalistic philosophy on human life.  And while the CEO priest of our “Channel of Hope” talks the line,  the bloggers, the  Catholic Facebook Community, and independent news agencies who aren’t under the thumb of the Professional Catholic crowd are actually walking the talk.  But, of course, that sometimes means rattling cages to save lives, and for the Professional Catholic crowd, that’s just way too Taliban for them.  No dirt under our fingernails, please!

It took an American priest and incredible amount of money and legwork to pull this off, and he got zilch support from the Canadian hierarchy.   They were too stoned on social justice to care about an innocent baby being refused the simple human dignity of medical treatment to allow him to live out the remainder of his precious little life. 

But, hey, hey!   Not too worry, folks.  All those brave bishops – the very same ones who should have been speaking up about this sad spectacle – will be processing up the centre aisle at the March for Life masses to show us all just how pro-life they are.   

Once a year…just like clock work.

We should all bring rose pedals and throw them at their feet as they make their way up to the altar, clap loudly, and shout in our best Italian voices, “Bravo! Bravo!, Couragio! Couragio!

5 thoughts on “Death Panels Lose; American Priest and Pro-Life Social Media Saves The Day; Canadian Hierarchy Still Stoned; Taliban Catholicism Scores

  1. Doctors ought to be healers not killers. In a democracy laws are made by Bills passed or rejected by majority vote in our Legislatures and parliament, therefore making citizens responsible and accountable for them. If people start loosing interest in politics then they accept being ruled by tyrants, who then impose their will by court enforcement and government decree.

    The Dutch experience should be enough to demonstrate the danger of granting physicians the right to kill their patients. Euthanasia would change the nature of the medical profession itself. Physicians would be cast in the role of killers rather than healers.The Hippocratic Oath was written to place the medical profession on the foundation of healing not killing. For over 2,400 years patients have had the assurance that doctors would follow an oath to heal them not kill them. The doctor-patient relationship would change with legalized euthanasia.

    Medical care would be affected. Physicians would begin to ration health care so that the elderly and disabled patients would not be receiving the same quality of care as everyone else. Legalizing euthanasia would result in less care for the dying rather than better care. Legalizing euthanasia would open the door to anyone wanting the right to kill themselves. Soon as various court precedents begin to broaden the application of the right to die to other groups in society like the disabled or the clinically depressed.

    My Father visited The Netherlands and told me the horrors that his friends faced, and the “Dutch Experience”.
    But of course our Supreme Court Justices , Parliament and Politically Correct voting citizens can be trusted not to have us killed, or can they ? Lucky for baby Joseph enough caring individuals came forward to help him live longer. When will citizens realize that Politically Correct Relativism and The Evolving Society Living Tree interpretation of law leads to tyranny? For Christians this ought not to be rocket science, but for Nicolaitans it seems to be.

  2. It is shameful how there has not been a word from any of our Canadian clergy on this case. I am ashamed to be a Canadian alongside of them in this. And thank God for LifeSiteNews! And Father Pavone.

  3. I hope someone in Rome, most especially Cardinal Ouellette, took note of this whole situation along with the lack of anything whatsoever from the CCCB membership.

  4. How often do we see things coming out of London ON like this case with Baby Joseph? Save a family plan lists a London ON address. Then there was that priest who helped abort children by starting labour so early they could not live with their congenital defects under Bp J Sherlock’s watch.

    Did I hear correctly? Was D&P first started out of the same diocese? Or am I not listening closely enough to history?

    What a boon to all of us who prayed for Baby Joseph that he was given this good care. Imagine how his parents feel!

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