Dear Randy

To: Mr. Randy Otto, President, Pattison Outdoor Advertising

I am writing to express my great concern over the semi-nude billboards (which actually insinuate full nudity) that your company has put up to promote The Bear.

As the mother of four young daughters, I find it disheartening that my daughters are constantly forced to see the objectification of women as we drive throughout the city. Sadly, this is what passes as legitimate advertising in your company.

Have you honestly thought of the impact your advertising company has on young girls and how they view themselves? It is a shame that your company choses to perpetuate such harmful messages to young girls. And this is not the first time you have done so – your advertisement for the The Bear last summer featuring the naked backsides of two young women and a middle aged man was not much better. In fact, one wonders where the next advertising campaign will go.

Ironically, for those of us who are not Bear fans, the whole advertising campaign leaves us to wonder how good the radio station can actually be if if it needs naked publicity stunts to gain listeners.

I will be sure to let my friends know that it is your company that is choosing to promote such hurtful images. These days, spreading the word through email is every bit as effective as public billboards.


Lara Pacheco

9 thoughts on “Dear Randy

  1. Preach it Lara! some of these radio stations really go over the top. I remember when Hot 899 went on the air, i used to write a national column on the rsadio industry. naturally I went over to their website and what greeted me was a nude oiled up female torso with navel piercing. no, you did not see the full monty, but it left little to the imagination. the solution? Don’t listen to such stations. EVER. The Bear never impressed me either. Nearly all secular pop music stations have shed every last vestige of decency, both in terms of their advertising and their content. Even Majic 100 which at one time endeavoured to be a quality station has jloined the pack. Once they were sold by Rawlco to CHUM, the decline started, and accellerated from there. Then tghere is what passes for humour on all the morning shows. It’s all about sex and body functions.
    These sadly reflect the decline in the pop culture at large, which unless reversed, is the beginning of the end of western judeo=christian civilization as we have known it. Welcome to Blade Runner.

    • At one time, they had dropped “The Bear” and rebranded themselves “Virgin Radio”… Richard Branson’s brand. Virgin, you might recall caught some flak a few years ago over an ad campaign they ran for their cellphone division where they used “naughty nurses”….
      Lovely people.

  2. Semi-nude photos…bad!
    1000% enlarged fetus photos…good?

    Don’t you guys believe in freedom of expression? Or only. When your interests are served?

    • The 100% enlarged fetuses had to die in order for the photo to be taken. Semi-nude advertising photos usually only exploit, and generally only exploit women. Once again, “our interests” are serving women and children.

  3. can you send me a photo? I would love to respond as well, but without seeing the actual ad, it is difficult to write the president…..

  4. I suggest calling and/or writing this radio station and expressing what one feels about this objectification and dehumanization, and degredation of women, and how it is offensive, and that if their purpose is to draw in more listeners, they are on the wrong track. I, as a woman have always hated being whistled at, or called a “chick” (call your bird), and treated in a manner that degrades womanhood, and fell for so many lies in my youth, that I lament going against my better nature, which encouraged me to say to other women “please you do not have to dress provocatively, starve yourself, constantly be looking for physical “faults” because some lies of the world try to dictate that to you”.

    That being said men have to stop playing games with women, objecting to this on the one hand and then you find they encourage it by their choices of what they look at .and try to sell to a woman, so she knows she is “loved” and accepted by them. Men are so much at the root of this, and if men do not understand the term misogony here than they still are that way. and they are not the humble Godly men that God calls them to be.
    When men develop a REAL relationship with God and start acting truly like Jesus and loving the pricless females around them as they are called to, including the misguided , and broken women who they still hate, and call “hairy arm-pitted feminists” God does not like labelling of people in a general way, they are not acting like Jesus or as Mary would have them for that matter.

    Love the woman, save the child.

    There was a radio station years ago that was giving away a” free divorce”, I believe as a prize for people who entered their perverse contest .
    Should we be surprised?
    This is all part of the culture of death, and the de-personalizing of persons, in this case women.
    The irony of course being that poor women have fallen into a deeper deception than ever by satan’s stratagy, using men of course to do his dirty work, because women will always at some level seek mens’ admiration and assessment of their value, and even comnpete with other women for the attention of such pathetic mockery of their
    true femininity and value, until they come to know the One God Who gives them their true identity.

    Lord Have Mercy and teach men to love as You do
    and THEN they will see women respoonding
    differently. So many so – called Christian men are still treating women as the unredeemed Eve and that is what the lies of the world have told her since the beginning.
    They still seek to dominate her, and insult her instead of loving her in her brokeness and helping her heal, leaving her even more broken.

    I love You Jesus, Thank You for Mary
    Your little girl
    Frances Wilkinson

  5. Thanks for writing the letter Lara. I have often said to myself as I’m driving by those billboards that I should complain, but I never did. I will make sure I do now, and hopefully many others will as well.

    The advertising impacts society in more ways than you listed. It also serves to corrupt men/boys in the way they view women, making it more difficult for them to remain chaste. This then leads to the behaviour and resulting damage Frances was writing about. As a father of three boys, this matters a great deal to me.

    For those that plan on complaining we should also write to the Advertising Standards Council. Their website is at:

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