Dear Holy Father: We need a Business Encyclical

The pope, who later celebrated Mass for some 300,000 people outside the  city’s cathedral, told them: “We don’t want this globalised economic system  which does us so much harm. Men and women have to be at the centre (of an  economic system) as God wants, not money.”

“The world has become an  idolator of this god called money,” he said. (Source)

He’s right, you know.  We need to change this around.  But the Vatican and the Holy Father need to understand that it requires more than just preaching. We need a new encyclical on the topic of wealth and the practical, moral application of it in business.

I’m hoping to organize a Men’s conference in the Spring on business ethics from a Catholic perspective to address this issue.  Catholics are not socialists, but we’re not pure capitalists either.  Investors have a right to a solid return on their investment for the risk that they take, but a lustful and immoral pursuit of wealth needs to be crushed.  And the Socialists have to stop biting the hand that feeds them.  Government does not create wealth…personal ingenuity does.

Like always, when we have a Christian culture especially among the wealthy, things work out well. When we lose it, all hell breaks loose as we lose our balance.

2 thoughts on “Dear Holy Father: We need a Business Encyclical

  1. John, thanks for posting this. Unless Christians start foillowing Christian ethics in business there is no hope. Please tell me more about this men’s conference. I would like to make my Men’s Group aware of it.
    Meanwhile, while we await this hopefully forthcoming encyclical, I can direct readers to the following resources:
    EWTWN Radio has “The catholic Business Hour” at 11:00 AM. Go to for stations in your area, or shortwave frequencies, or to listen online.

    I aso recently came across this program, you can listen to here. It’s an episode from James Dobson’s famiy tak all about the importance of Christian ethics in business:

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