Dear Ginny…

Dear Ginny,

#1 – Most of the groups pushing for “gender equity” also include in this mandate “reproductive rights” – a euphemism for abortion and contraception. Do you deny this?

#2 – Why doesn’t D&P report that it helps promote “reproductive rights” as part of their support for “gender equity” programs?  What are they afraid of?

#3 – Tell us why D&P wouldn’t be caught dead promoting groups who have politically incorrect views on racism or other verbotten topics, for instance, but have no problem helping groups who push abortion and contraception? What does that tell you about how serious D&P is about their claims about being Catholic?

#4 – Why are D&P supporters so arrogant as to presume that if we don’t support D&P, we don’t support legitimate development and poverty relief?

#5 – Tell us why you believe that supporting legitimate development must include funding groups whose primary mandate is to push for abortion, contraception, or the emasculation of men? Please be specific.

#6 – Have you actually read the reports?  The pictures, the interviews, the websites, the third party reports?  What do you say about that?  Just, kind of, irrelevant for you?  Why don’t you address the indisputable fact that D&P is propping up and enabling pro-abort thugs?  Does this not bother, even just a little?

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