Unborn Children Not Important Enough for Canadian Bishops’ Own Missed Deadline

Well, here we are, Monday morning.  At the close of the Bishop’s Plenary Assembly just over a week go, the Catholic Bishops of Canada, for the second straight year, harumphed their way through their Assembly, and pledged more “leadership” on pro-life issues:

“The Bishops need to exercise real leadership on questions of life and family,” said the Most Reverend Ronald Fabbro, C.S.B., Bishop of London and Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee. “These questions require a spiritual revival, a change of hearts. It is the work of the new evangelization.” (Source)

They promised us another damn Committee to figure out the appropriateness of funding pro-abort groups in the Global South.  Many of these groups are also anti-Catholic bigots which, in addition to being on a bloody warpath to kill unborn children in developing countries, are openly attacking the Catholic Church in these countries too.  These groups are, needless to say, financed by us useful idiots here in Canada. 

It does not take another damn Committee to stop the bank transfers, does it?  It takes a phone call. 30-60 seconds. That’s it. It doesn’t take a week, or a year, or two years, or 40 years.

But it also takes a little bit of resolve and courage to stand up to the Marxists who are currently running the Church’s “social justice” scam. 

Maybe that’s the problem.  The bishops aren’t running the church.  Their lackies are.

Let’s call a spade a spade.   How can you  identify someone in an organization – any organization – who is “calling the shots”? I’ll tell you how.  Look for the the guy who controls the dough and you’ll find your man.   He’s the guy who controls where the sacrifice gets allocated. And that’s as it should be, by the way. 

Now, then, let us apply this simple principle to where Catholic donations are being sent.   Are the bishops directing where the money is going?  No.  They are giving over that responsibility to the Social Justice Marxists at Development & Peace, who are deciding where the money is going.  So now we have two options on this whole fiasco….

Option 1:  The bishops support Development & Peace’s current sexual orientation.

Option 2: The bishops don’t call the shots in the Church.

Neither option is particularly inspiring. 

But wait!  There’s the issue of how quickly changes are made, as well….

As a follow up to their work, the Bishops of Canada have called for a new Standing Committee to advise the CCCB and the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP). This new Committee will further strengthen the close bonds that already exist between the Bishops and CCODP. It will provide a forum to share information and collaborate more closely on achieving their common goal, which is to help the world’s most vulnerable persons. A more detailed report containing further information on the work of the Ad Hoc Committee and the duties of the new Standing Committee will be released before the end of next week (Ibid.)

The “end of next week” was last Friday.  So where is the report?  Where is it?  WHERE IS IT?

You know, in the real world, there are deadlines.  When workers don’t make deadlines, bad things happen in an organization.  There’s a ripple effect throughout the whole organization because someone was not doing his job.  If someone doesn’t make a deadline, opportunites are lost and ultimately it hurts the organization.  These outcomes are called “consequences”.  In the business world where I work, for instance, accountability is still a big deal.  If you don’t produce, you’re accountable.  Sometimes, you can lose your job if the deadline is important enough and you don’t meet it.  That’s ultimate accountability.  But even here, we are talking about relatively minor matters in light of the eternal kingdom.

In the case of the Catholic bishops, however, we are not talking about business or organizational dealings which, however important, in the order of things, are but a spec of dust. We are talking about the life and death (dismemberment actually) of unborn children.

Some deadlines have a much stronger emphasis on dead than they do on lines, after all.

Not making a deadline in this arena means that human life – indeed perhaps the lives of millions – could be terminated.  And so, the fact that the Canadian Catholic bishops can’t seem to order their busy schedules to meet a simple, self-imposed deadline on something so grave really does stagger the imagination.   It also shows us that the “leadership” and “priority” that Bishop Fabbro keeps on talking about year after year is just talk.  How can we take them seriously? How can we believe they are sincere? 

Don’t real leaders, after all, meet their own deadlines on “priority issues”? 

Teach, Govern, Sanctify, you say? 

Hardly.  The actual motto is…

Defer, Delegate, Scandalize.


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