Day 28

College Station, Texas and Madrid, Spain have very little in common.

But this fall, the simple campaign of prayer and fasting  that started in Texas is having a profound impact in  Spain — and in other nations around the world.

The international expansion of 40 Days for Life was unexpected. But it is now one of the many blessings God has given to indicate that abortion is a crisis wherever it takes place.

We have multiple campaign locations in both Spain and Canada this fall. Here’s a story from each country.


On one of the early days of the campaign, a man approached the 40 Days for Life vigil in Madrid and read the sign one person as holding: “Pray for an end to abortion.”

He stared for a moment, then unleashed a tirade of rude words and gestures — and passersby reacted by laughing. The vigil participants just kept praying — and the man kept hurling insults.

It appeared he had been drinking for some time. He was carrying a beer — which he tried to pour on the volunteers. They responded by praying for protection from evil.

At that point, things changed. Another man came along and told the guy with the beer to move along. Instead, he broke the beer bottle against the ground. The plaza then cleared out, leaving only the vigil participants and the man who had stepped in to help.

They had witnessed spiritual warfare — but God had come to their rescue.

Two weeks later, the man with the beer bottle was spotted again — sober and well-dressed, this time. He was seen in church — on his knees … and in tears.

“This strikes us as quite noteworthy,” said Frank in Madrid.

To see photos of the Madrid vigil, please go to:


A woman passed the 40 Days for Life volunteers in Fredericton and called out to them. “My husband made me have an abortion,” she said. “It’s never over.”

To make sure she was heard, she came closer and repeated herself. The volunteers then began to pray for her.

A little while later, a young man approached. He had just received a text message from his wife announcing she’d had an abortion.

He did not want the abortion. His wife apparently felt she couldn’t handle a fourth child. They were supposed to discuss it further. He was shocked by the news.

The mother said the pregnancy had been terminated at seven weeks. The volunteers carried an image of a baby at eight weeks. He was very much moved. He said, “I knew we shouldn’t do it.”

In her text message his wife had mentioned that said she had been assured her it was “just a bunch of cells.”

“How unconscionable,” said Peter in Fredericton. “How could anyone who cares about women lie about anything so fundamental?”
The volunteers and this distraught young dad had a prolonged conversation. They told him about the help available for post-abortion counseling. The young dad and volunteers parted with hugs. “God bless you,” he said.

“Our 40 Days for Life volunteers were exactly in the  right place at the right time, both for the hurting mom and the young dad,” Peter said. “It was divine  providence — the grace of 40 Days for Life at work. Praise God!”

One thought on “Day 28

  1. These are moving stories.
    At Ground Zero, do we have any resources/flyers in the plastic bin to refer people to counselling?
    Would be helpful.

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