Day 28: It did not deter us


The London 40 Days for Life coordinator, Robert Colquhoun, said, “We have been totally harangued by the media with lies and intimidation.”

Indeed, the campaign has been in the middle of a media firestorm. Newspapers have published stories about 40 Days for Life participants “harassing” women outside the abortion center where the London vigil is taking place. Of course, there was no such behavior in evidence.
Vigil participants were also accused of taking pictures of women entering the facility. Also not true — they had cameras to record the people who were directing their anger at the people praying.

One newspaper had a headline with the word “intimidation” in it — right above a photo of three people quietly praying, with their eyes cast down at the pavement. The photo spoke louder than the abortion center staff’s trumped-up accusations.

Robert appeared on BBC radio’s morning news along with Ann Furedi, the CEO of BPAS, which is England’s largest abortion chain.
Robert fielded a barrage of loaded questions from the interviewer with an air of calm confidence and outlined the 40 Days for Life mission — and the necessity of a peaceful prayer presence outside the abortion facility.
An estimated 4 million listeners heard the interview.

For a link to the BBC radio story, please go to:

The gates of hell are shaking.

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