David Suzuki calls for suppression of free speech on climate

Our not-so-friendly geneticist turned environmentalist is showing the totalitarian proclivities of the environmental movement. Check out the title of his atest article:

Deny Deniers their Right to Deny!

If you can’t prove climate change with science, just suppress the critics.

The whole article is full of clich√© strawmen. For example, he claims that those of us who don’t believe in man-made climate change are opposed to any efforts to improve the environment. What a bunch of dung. Au contraire, the progress on real¬†pollution is being blocked by the climate change crowd. They’re so obsessed with CO2, a harmless gas, that they’ve hijacked all government policies and turned away our attention from real pollution like sulfur, smog, lead, mercury, water contamination, etc. You know, the stuff that will actually kill you if you ingest it in sufficient quantities. When’s the last time you heard environmentalists talk about those issues?

As long as the climate debate remains at this infantile level, it’s just useless noise.

3 thoughts on “David Suzuki calls for suppression of free speech on climate

  1. As a young climate activist, I do not focus on CO2. I don’t know a lot about the science behind climate change, nor do I need to. I listen to the 90% of scientists all around the world, who have proven that climate change is real and an urgent problem that we need to sort out NOW. The temperature has risen by .8 of a degree already, and with all the pollution that is going on at the moment, we have locked in a whole degree more, and if the temperature rises by 2 degrees, there is no turning back. So we only have .2 of a degree remaining to be able to turn around. That is pretty freaking scary. We do not have time to waste complaining about the issues climate activists focus on. We need to take action, RIGHT NOW. If you don’t want to actively help, I would ask that you don’t make our job even harder than it already is.

  2. Hi Anu,
    I appreciate your sincerity in wanting to defend the environment. I suggest that you read a bit on the science of climate change. It’s not that difficult to learn the basics. Check out this site: http://wattsupwiththat.com/

    You’ll quickly realize that the “90% of scientists” is a myth perpetrated by the media and extremists. There is no such consensus. Besides, science isn’t a democracy. It is based on evidence. And the evidence is not on the side of the alarmists. They have been repeatedly exposed for corruption, data manipulation, inaccurate predictions and fraud. That’s not science. Climate “science” is really driven by left-wing, anti-capitalist extremists who want socialism.

    Yes, the Earth has been warming. But there’s no science to suggest that mankind has caused it.

    Take care.

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