4 thoughts on “Danneels Appointed to Synod on Family

  1. As far as I can tell from a quick Web scan, the mainstream media hasn’t caught this story yet. If they do and if the victims come out, the Vatican will reverse this appointment. Just watch.

  2. Steve, why would the dredge up stuff on Danneels? He’s one of their shills on the inside. He’s gonna help them effect the change they want.

  3. This is from todays GOPUSA
    Transgender wins Homecoming Princess at Colorado high school
    Scarlett Lenh was officially crowned the 2014 Homecoming Princess for Sand Creek High School during Friday night’s football game. Scarlett, however, is biologically a guy. “She” was born “Andy” Lenh, and “this school year” started identifying as a female transgender.
    Roman Emperor converted to benevolent Christianity from Paganism about the year 307. Saint Peter tells us that we also as Christians are a Royal Priesthood,and living stones able to give sacrifices to God in Christ Jesus.Christ being The Chief Corner Stone. The early Christians lives were taken because they would not convert to Paganism which included Homosexualism.Heterosexuals reproduce, Homosexuals only option is to recruit even innocent children in schools,in Pagan nations. The comments from many so-called Catholics and Protestant sects prove who they follow.The choices are still the same Christ or Barabbas? Christianity or Paganism?

    Even Canadian Secular Pagan Teachers Federations ,Secular Pagan Governments, Secular Pagan Supreme Courts,and Secular Pagan Education Establishments are imposing homosexualism as so-called “neutral” Politically Correct Secular Pagan Law. This is how Democratic so-called “neutral” Politically Correct Secular Paganism in Government,Law and Education,as so-called “neutral” Politically Correct Secular Pagan human rights are imposed on everyone today ,starting with Kindergarteners and thus indoctrinating almost all our people politically,and thus legally in this tyrannical Worldview/Religion. Until the early 1960′s Schoolteachers led their Students in The Lord’s Prayer, and The Ten Commandments were on Government,School and Court house Walls and in the majorities hearts and minds from Kindergarten.Citizens and Christian leaders Politically kept it so,but not today.
    A widely shared and propagated so-Called Politically Correct Worldview/Religion in Government,Law, and Education which normalizes homosexuality increases the likelihood of more innocent impressionable schoolchildren adopting such beliefs ,at an earlier age. Heterosexuals reproduce,but now homosexuals recruit children in schools as human rights in New Sodom and Gomorrah. Democratic citizens can POLITICALLY collectively oust the putrid politicians who are passing evil Bills into rotten laws in our Councils,Legislatures and Parliament. Like our Grandparents did!You as citizens have been given volition to use righteously in our democracy, if you so will.

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