Dangerous new disease on the prowl

Fortunately for socons, the disease in question is a untreatable strain of gonorrhea.

“Due to this situation, the World Health Organization has assured us that it will work on the issue of coming up with a global response plan — a huge challenge for the future,” Unemo said, starting with surveillance of the new disease, better infection prevention approach, treatment options such as combining of two or more antibiotics, development of a fast and effective drug, and ideally, a vaccine.

Why do complicated? To paraphrase an old Beatles song, All You Need Is Love Abstinence.

I don’t mean to minimize the anguish felt by people who are infected. I feel sympathy for them. But gonorrhea is essentially a “you asked for it” disease. Much like the syphillis outbreak in Alberta, people minding their own business have nothing to fear. You’ll never even notice the outbreak was occurring.

True to form, lefties are exhibiting another of their convulsive self-contradictions. The same folks that “don’t want the State in their bedroom” over the abortion and homosexuality issues, are now busy delivering State-run indoctrination of the masses to make sure your bedroom dealings include STD-preventing contraceptives. Using contraceptives to prevent STDs is like Russian roulette at best. Condoms work, except when they don’t. For some infections, they don’t work at all.

Good luck to those that choose to entrust their life to a cheap piece of rubber. If you get infected and feel like you’re urinating razor blades, you’ll wish you were a socon too.

God is merciful and offers an unlimited number of second chances to those who change their minds and repent of their sins. But that doesn’t guarantee that your STD will ever be cured. You might as well change your lifestyle now, while you still have the chance.

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