Dancing For the Lord

A couple of weeks ago, my girls performed at their dance recital.   They were fabulous.  They worked hard during the whole year and particularly over the last several weeks preparing for their recitals. Public occasions for paternal pride don’t come very often, but when they do come, it’s important for fathers to be there and express their enthusiasm and appreciation for their children.   My kids have a great love for dance and art, and they excel at both.  In fact, they excel at most of the things they apply their talents to.  They consider their efforts important and they don’t want to disappoint their parents…or God.  They have a keen appreciation that all of their efforts ultimately reflect on their love for God.  Amazingly, even for their ages, they have a very “Escrivian” view of their work (even though they don’t even know it) – that it ultimately is a gift and a means of making them holy. 

The arts can be perverted and brought down to base hedonism or they can be used to elevate the heart and the mind to the eternal. A friend of mine who had the opportunity to watch the recital performance remarked to me what a difference this one was compared to the one he witnessed the previous week which was about about sex and “me”.   This recital was not about sex and “me”.  It was about purity, beauty, and the Lord.

Tonya Pacheco (6) left side in the back in first clip; Clarissa Pacheco (12) and Emma Pacheco (10) in subsequent clip


Clarissa Pacheco (12) back right and Emma Pacheco (10) back left; Sophia Pacheco (4) on the left side


Tonya Pacheco back left


The Finale with Clarissa leading it off….

5 thoughts on “Dancing For the Lord

  1. Your children truly have a wholesome mother and father. Someone is going to be pouring habits, values and emotions into your children. You are being that someone, instead of our Darwinian Humanist Atheist Education Establishments with their,”Newspeak”.

  2. Hi John,,

    Our computer crashed a few weeks ago, and now that I am able to use it again, Thanks be to God sending a friend who had a reasonable hard drive,
    I was delighted to open up my email to this lovely treat.

    Please pass on to your beautiful girls and their Mom of course, that this is indeed,
    dancing for God, because it is about purity and the beauty of dance according to Him and the gifts He imputes.

    All other self centered type dancing that in anyway is sexual or meant to
    convey that message is never from God. Dancing is warned about in the Bible.

    I was Blessed as a young girl to study ballet, and I know how beautiful it is and the precision and discipline and hard work that go into making such graceful movement appear effortless. Unfortunately, for certain reasons not of my own making, I never got the chance to pursue dance,
    or my art studies, so I am trying to draw and write now as well as dedi-
    cate all my dancing and singing to Him. There is nothing or no better reason to excel, then to Glorify Him.

    God Bless you as well for being such a man of God for your human family as well.

    Blessed Canada Day to you all

    In Him

  3. Absolutely beautiful ! We just loved watching this !! Clarissa looks just so wonderful in the finale leading the way ! Lots of hugs and kisses for them all !!

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