Dalton’s Affirmative Action

Dalton McGuinty is going to give $10,000 to employers in the form of a tax credit when they hire skilled immigrants.

It’s Affirmative Action by any other name.  Affirmative Action doesn’t work. It’s inefficient. And it’s not fair. It pits one group of Canadians against others.

Canadians need to be treated equally by their government and not be subject to another failed policy based on “positive rights”.

The Family Coalition Party officially rejects “positive rights” as a matter of principle:

Restriction of Positive Rights – Government should be restricted, by constitution, from issuing laws and policies with regard to the so called “positive rights”, which imply involuntary servitude, whereby one individual or a class is forced to serve others.

In the face of public criticism, Dalton has started to backtrack and has begun to put bizarre and restrictive conditions on receiving the money.  He’s making it up (and reacting) as he goes along. But the question is: will Ontarians be fooled a third time by electing him as Premier?

When he gets in, it will be an Affirmative Action bonanza.

If you’re a skilled white male who’s been unlucky to be born in Ontario, you won’t find a job if Dalton has anything to do with it.

Justice demands equality of opportunity for all, not Affirmative Action. (Source)

One thought on “Dalton’s Affirmative Action

  1. The Charter forbids Canadians to discriminate on a variety of grounds , Affirmative Action allows the government to discriminate on those very same grounds whenever it pleases. A proper Constitution should protect equal opportunity for all not only special interest groups. It gives rights to some while denying them to others. This is Orwellian reverse discrimination. A Constitution ought to protect citizen’s rights against perverse government impositions, not the governments right to force the people who object to these perversions into paddy-wagons and jail.
    We are a former Christian Democracy in government, Law and education, that has shifted it’s worldview politically from Christianity to Politically Correct Relativism in government,education and law. In a democracy citizens are accountable and responsible for the Laws of the Land , and can change them politically if they really want too, as they did in 2008.

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