Dad’s do matter

The verdict is in: Dads do matter. Two weeks ago, Swedish researchers released a massive study – covering 22,300 individual sets of data, gathered from 1987 to 2007 – which found that “active father figures play a key role in reducing behavior problems in boys and psychological problems in young women.”

The researchers also found that “regular positive contact reduces criminal behavior among children in low-income families and enhances cognitive skills. … Children who lived with both a mother and father figure also had less behavioral problems than those who just lived with their mother.” It is telling that this study was published in Sweden, a country that has done its best to facilitate fatherless families by giving single mothers a silver platter of government handouts, as well as social acceptance. (Source)

It’s a shocker folks, I know.  Men are indeed necessary for a healthy family. Cue the rant from the feminists. Take it away girls. It’s all penis envy.

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