Dad must pay child support for 3 kids that aren’t his: Court rules

Why stop there?  Why not charge the guy every time he had sex with his cheating wife?

I think that would be an appropriate penalty too.

When the Church lost the culture, the culture lost its mind.

The good news out of this is that a recovered sense of respect for male celibacy might be resurrected….which in turn might lead our feminized, skank culture to understand that “No, dear, you can’t have him.  He’s afraid of you and the financial penalties you’ll exact from him.”

With the mockery of the indissoluble covenant of marriage has come the complete breakdown in trust.

Attack marriage, my dear fellows, and suffer the consequences you will.

As the Church teaches:  Indissoluble marriage is a necessary relationship for couples because it establishes trust and leads to a healthy society for everyone.

Free and meaningless sex, a perverse judiciary, and poverty is the alternative.  Pick what you will.

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