D&P Whitewash Report Wasn’t Written By The Bishops, Someone Lied

Most of us knew that there was something very fishy about how D&P and the CCCB conducted their “investigation” of the original five pro-abortion partners in Mexico. It turns out that the Whitewash report wasn’t written by the two bishops who signed it, after all.  We’re all just shocked – shocked! – at this finding:

OTTAWA, April 21, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Archbishop Martin Currie of St. John’s Newfoundland has said that a report that exonerated several pro-abortion groups funded by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P) and that slammed LifeSiteNews.com (LSN), was actually written by D&P along with the then-General Secretary of the Bishops conference, Mario Paquette. Archbishop Currie, one of the two Canadian bishops who traveled to Mexico in 2009 with D&P representatives to investigate the groups in question, and whose signature appears on the official report of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), made the comments in a telephone interview with LifeSiteNews.com Wednesday…. (Source)

That’s right folks. CanChurch wrote the sham investigative report of…. itself!  Then it was sold to clueless Catholics as a pseudo independent assessment by two bishops. If your kids were allowed to write their own report card, do you think they’d ever fail? (Actually, that’s not fair to our children who have more ethical principles in their pinkies than the entire soft-on-abortion cabal in CanChurch.) This is worse than the banking fraud that led to the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession. At least the bankers were clever enough to use a third party to rubber stamp their financial statements and give the impression that they were squeaky clean.

As we explained in another post, this fraudulent report has been cited time and time again by those who want to stop the truth from being revealed so that the blood money could continue to flow.  For instance, in a June 2009 Salt +Light TV interview, Archbishop Weisgerber, then president of the CCCB and the current champion of D&P’s anti-water bottle campaign, made this astounding comment:

“Well, the bishops don’t know Mexico and they don’t know the network and they don’t know the work. So Michael Casey’s job was to bring them together, to get them to see everybody. The bishops created the agenda. The bishops spoke with these five groups at very, very great length. They spoke to the bishops’ commission and the bishops—only the bishops—wrote the report.” (Source)

Did you catch that?  Archbishop Weisgerber said that ONLY THE BISHOPS” wrote the report which is a direct contradiction to what Archbishop Currie has now just admitted.

Obviously, someone is lying, and sadly,  it wouldn’t be the first time in this sad spectacle, either. 

Does anybody still doubt that D&P and the CCCB have been acting in bad faith all along? Little wonder that most of us had to reach for the Maalox when we heard Archbishop Weisgerber’s clericalistic statements like this one:

“There’s a big issue there. It seems that there is a tendency on the part of some people to trust allegations on websites more than they trust the bishops. That’s the role of the bishops in the Church and when the bishops investigate something, when the bishops look at things and when the bishops teach, according to our theology, we should have confidence in that. That’s up to individual people to determine who really has the authority in the Church to decide what is Catholic.” (Ibid.)

This is the same bishop who told us that ONLY the bishops wrote that report.  So the question is:   Who lied?  Was it Weisgerber who lied?  Or was it D&P or the CCCB who played him like a fool and fed him false information?  Or did Salt + Light have anything to do with it?  The lie is there, but we don’t know who precisely to peg it on.  One day we may find out.  Perhaps Archbishop Weisgerber will discover some courage and repentance this Easter season and tell us precisely how he came to believe it was “only the bishops” who wrote the KoolAid Report.  Oh, and by the way, it’s a minor point in comparison, but it is still indicative of the hyperbole and exaggeration CanChurch will go to hide its atrocities.  Weisgerber said above that “the bishops spoke with these five groups at very, very great length.”   Yet, Currie in his interview with LifeSite suggested that the investigation could not have been that extensive:

“With LifeSite, perhaps they would dig a lot deeper … and make connections which perhaps we didn’t make because we don’t have that kind of access or time…”

Those of us sober Catholics who weren’t drinking CanChurch’s KoolAid knew something tasted sour after the report was issued.  Archbishop Currie had already provided hints as far back as October 2009 that he hadn’t written the report. Socon or Bust warned our readers and the Catholic Lapdog Press at that time that the bishops did not write the report.  This is what we reported: 

Archbishop Currie said he thought that Dr. Calva’s comments were in the report, but obviously they weren’t.  What does this suggest?  It suggests that he did not write the report.  It’s also likely Bishop François Lapierre did not write the report either.  It was likely prepared for them by one of the three Development & Peace members, and they were asked to sign it — which they did.  (Read the rest here).

Socon or Bust has been right every time about the corrupt machinations of Development & Peace.  In fact, even before their trip to Mexico, Socon or Bust had expressed serious reservations about the composition of the investigative committee which could hardly have been considered independent by any stretch of the imagination. It was a PR stunt to try and deflect the heat being applied from the Pro-Life Blogosphere.  The trip was an expensive Tequila vacation to Mexico, courtesy of us useful idiots in the pews.  It wasn’t a serious investigation.  Catch a few rays, tick off some boxes on the “Report of Investigation”, and wash their hands of the allegations.   We’re not really sure what’s  more upsetting:  the fact that the report tried to cover up the activities of their “solidarity partners” or the fact that the report’s authors thought everyone in the Canadian Church was their useful idiot.   

The depths of perversion and lies really go deep in CanChurch.  And that’s why it needs to be thoroughly expunged, but what bishop is going to have the guts to do it? That’s the real question.  Just how important is unity when it is based on lies?

And let’s not forget the culpability of the Catholic Lapdog Press in this whole scandal.  Shame on the Lapdog Press for drinking the D&P KoolAid and sharing it with their readers!  Will they do the honourable thing and admit their errors?   Or is it going to be more Dan Rather journalism?  Will they FINALLY call out Development & Peace and take a harder line next time D&P tries to sell them their KoolAid?    Salt and Light bears a particular responsibility in D&P’s propaganda because they welcomed Archbishop Weisgerber on the air and on their blog, without any sort of serious discernment about the incontrovertible facts that were already available to them at the time. We therefore call on the mainstream Catholic media to disseminate the news of this fraud just as broadly and vigorously as they disseminated the original whitewash report. This is the minimum requirement of justice and truth. The Catholic Register, Zenit, and Salt + Light are three organizations which need to come clean and report the truth.

In light of these new revelations and what we already knew, things aren’t looking very flattering for Archbishop Currie right now. We’ve heard that he’s a good bishop, and we give him credit for coming clean on the issue.   It took courage to do it, and we commend him for it.  It restores some trust that has been lost because it shows that some bishops are now starting (even if it’s baby steps) to face and to confront their lack of vigilence in defending the unborn.

But the reality is that it still highlights the fact that the Canadian hierarchy is FAR, FAR from the Gospel of Life.  They don’t take it seriously and they never have ever since they issued that demonic Winnipeg Statement which has led us to where we are today.  In fact, in June 2009, Socon or Bust predicted the serious separation and disunity that has subsequently developed in the Canadian episcopacy over this abortion scandal and the specific role the Winnipeg Statement has played in it.  You can read about it here.  And it’s going to take a lot more pain and suffering before we overcome the prideful rebellion of the Canadian episcopacy on this issue.  A lot more.

There are still many loose ends to tie up, too.  It’s been two years since that report has been circulated by the Catholic Lapdog press and the propagandists for Development & Peace.  The Whitewash report has been shouted out from  every church rooftop where D&P has been fundraising over the last two years, but the truth about the report won’t get nearly as much coverage unless Archibishop Currie takes some aggressive action to repair the damage.  He’s says that he “takes responsibility”, but what exactly does that mean?  Perhaps the Archbishop should seek interviews with the mainstream Catholic media to explain the truth and to apologize?  That would indeed be “taking responsibility”.  After all, there’s lots of Episcopal apologies that are due to the pro-life community for the Episcopal slanders and lies that we’ve endured over the last two years over the Development & Peace Abortion scandal.  And we likely only know only a fraction of the treachery and corruption that is really out there, yet hidden.

These “social justice” Judases and their blind zeal for their largely gauche marxist causes (which, by the way, are still being supported by Development & Peace – see bottom of page here) have long ago abandoned the Catholic faith for counterfeit Christianity.   They simply refuse to admit the facts because they know what admitting the facts will mean to a large part of their work and their “solidarity” with the “poor”.  After all, spending $4.8M on their own compensation, out of total expenditures of $31.2M is not exactly a value-for-money advertisement for a preferential option for the poor, is it?  Today, the Catholic Church’s social justice-fraud agencies around the world (not just in Canada) just can’t seem to fulfill their “social justice” mandate unless it’s by enabling their partners to step on the corpses of dead babies so they can serve the “disadvantaged” and “persecuted”.

Traitors and politicians, all.


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