Cyber Magisterium Revisted: Restoring Truth & Real Hope

Some time ago, I suggested this idea of a “Cyber Magisterium” back in June during the whole Development & Peace Scandal.  This is how I describe it:

What is the cyber magisterium? The cyber magisterium is merely a way of receiving authentic Catholic teaching.  It is not another teaching authority.  On the contrary, it is merely using technology to receive authentic Catholic doctrinal and pastoral teaching from faithful bishops. This cyber magisterium is necessary in our time because whole national episcopacies are in crisis, lacking in leadership, and even partial dissent from the Magisterium of the Church.

I’m going to resurrect this idea in a more formal way after the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops meet in Cornwall later this month.  I saw this report and it gave me hope that there are indeed good bishops out there with the cahonays to get serious about discipline and the faith.  As for the Canadian bishops, however, I am not particularly hopeful.  Even the good ones don’t have the courage to move on the sex crisis (Development & Peace abortion scandal, Winnipeg Statement and contraception, Bishop Lahey and gay porn, etc. etc.)

But if they won’t move, we should.

If they don’t act to align their structural authority to the moral authority they need to assume, then what will be left is a skeleton, mouthing quaint religious platitudes with no substance.  I just found out, for instance, that neither COLF nor the CCCB has the bishops’ document Liberating Potential in booklet form for promotion or distribution.  See folks?  It’s just talk, talk, talk.  And no action or pastoral care in promoting Humanae Vitae

That’s why we need the Cyber Magisterium – to point to the good bishops who actually teach the faith, who put something on the line and are not afraid to confront the culture and even other bishops

Stay tuned for more details.

Remember, folks, we are not required to follow bishops who do not conform their teaching to Rome’s teaching.

Oct.19-23 is going to be the most important period in the history of the CCCB.  Let’s pray that they grab a holy clue.

For the last four decades or so there has been a report floating around that, at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, Our Lady had voiced “poor Canada” to the three sheppard children Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco. Whether or not the Blessed Virgin made this statement has yet to be formally acknowledged by the Vatican. It is a wellguarded secret of the Holy See.

Not sure if that report about Fatima is accurate or not, but is sure does sum up the state of the Church in Canada.  “Poor” indeed.

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