Culture of Death in Greece Both Follows and Precedes the Culture of Bankruptcy

…According to statistics provided by the newspaper Ta Nea, the suicide rate in Greece in 2011 reached 411 cases, which, according to Reuters, is an increase of 40 percent over the past year alone. According to the official numbers, over the last three years the number of Greeks who committed suicide grew by 20 percent, and therefore, the daily newspaper Kathimerini wrote recently about “the most brutal chapter in the history of the financial crisis in Greece.” Before the economic crisis for quite some time suicide rate per capita in Greece was the lowest among other European countries – 3.5 suicides per 100 thousand residents.

Experts blame the increase in suicides on tough belt-tightening policies imposed on the citizens of heavily indebted countries. A few days ago in the water of the city of Kozani the body of a 45-year Greek woman who drowned herself in despair was found. The local bishop refused the family in the funeral services according to the Orthodox rite. The church bells were silent when her body was buried….(Source)
What our Church elites who truck for “social justice” just don’t seem to get is that Welfare States which borrow and go into debt end up fueling the culture of death and despair.  Greece is the first but it won’t be the last.  The cries in Sodom will be great indeed all around the world.   And if you believe that “social justice” is not necessarily about spending more than you have or not living within your means, when was the last time you heard the disciples of social justice talking about “restraint” or “fiscal responsibility”?  I don’t think that’s even in their vocabulary.
The era of social justice is going to be squashed by reality…much to the chagrin of CanChurch.
God has a lot to say about money in the bible and it’s the exact opposite of what the social justice clique in the Catholic Church say today.

One thought on “Culture of Death in Greece Both Follows and Precedes the Culture of Bankruptcy

  1. The term « social justice » was used by Dorothy Day and the early Catholic Workers in what we would call an almost Libertarian sense. For them, it was all about what you do individually as a person. e.g. don’t like homelessness? Invite a homeless person to live with you and you have solved the problem right now. They called that « direct action ». In fact, Dorothy Day used to rail against those who looked to « Holy Mother State » to do everything. Check her writings available online at The modern CW movement has in many ways fallen away from the early approach.

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