Culture of Death – Devouring itself

Belgian Catholic deacon charged with ten counts of illegal euthanasia

Quebec legislature votes 94-22 to enshrine euthanasia as ‘medical aid in dying’

By my count….the 25-30 year olds who rode the sexual revolution are now experiencing the bitter fruit of their rebellion, sadly.

We Catholics have not yet figured it out:  this culture is no longer salvageable.  We need to start building from the ground up and start again.

One thought on “Culture of Death – Devouring itself

  1. We spend our time and money giving you an alternative to the so-called Secular Christians running for office for the so-called “neutral”Secular Democratic Parties,who when elected conform to the tenets of Secular Paganism of their Political Party’s Policies.Children are perverted in our schools by so-called “neutral” Secular schoolteachers and the homosexual etc.,activists who are less than 2% of the population, and cannot have children of their own.So-called Christian Education Ministers etc.,are elected by you who pervert your schoolchildren,when we tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt what we will do specifically if you elect us.It is difficult to sit with you during Mass and receive communion from you.The Priests who tell you to elect us get transferred.What I say is for secular catholics and secular protestants too. Secular Christian is and oxymoron.In a democracy political apathy and indifference is diabolical.Who do you politically serve?

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