Cultural and Spiritual Capital Spent

BRITAIN is facing a mass exodus of people looking to escape the crime and grime of modern living.The country’s biggest foreign visa consultancy firm has revealed that applications have soared in the last seven months by 80 per cent to almost 4,000 a week. Ten years ago the figure was just 300 a week.Most people are relocating within the Commonwealth – in Australia, Canada and South Africa. They are almost all young professionals and skilled workers aged 20-40.

And many cite their reason for wanting to quit as immigration to these shores – and the burden it is placing on their communities and local authorities. The dearth of good schools, spiralling house prices, rising crime and tax increases are also driving people away.

Obtaining a visa to live abroad can cost as little as £1,500 for the right candidates. Plumbers, electricians, construction workers and doctors are famously in demand. The only obstruction to emigration from the UK is a criminal record, poor health, advancing age and being a “third country national”.

Liam Clifford, a former immigration control officer, set up as a one-man band 12 years ago. He now employs 60 people and is in the process of opening new offices in both South Africa and Australia. Mr Clifford said: “It’s absolutely phenomenal. People are trying to get away to wherever they can, and most are successful.


It’s quite clear to anyone why liberals need excessive immigration.  When you are not producing children, you need a workforce to keep the economy moving along and the big government apparatus employed. Yet everybody knows that, sooner or later, the piper needs to be paid. Immigration, while solving immediate needs, is simply a mortgage on the future.  The price in terms of western freedom, crime, cultural upheaval, higher taxes, etc. etc. is much too high.

But, hey, who cares right? As long as we have free sex and abortion on demand, the hell with the future…that is until King Muhammed II takes over.  Oh well, let us learn what this is going to mean for the West.

 This is the account by Saverio de Marco in the “Compendiosa istoria degli ottocento martiri otrantini [A brief history of the eight hundred martyrs of Otranto]” published in 1905:

“About one hundred men were presented to the pasha, who had at his side a miserable priest named Giovanni from Calabria, an apostate from the faith. He employed his satanic eloquence for the goal of persuading the Christians that they should abandon Christ and embrace Mohammedanism, sure of the good graces of Ahmed, who would grant them their lives, possessions, and all the benefits they enjoyed in their homeland: otherwise they would all be massacred. Among those heroes was a man named Antonio Primaldo, a tailor, advanced in age but full of religion and fervor. In the name of all, he replied: ‘Would that all believed in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and were ready to die a thousand times for him’.”

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