Cristiada: A great movie coming to a theatre near you

Jason Jones, the producer of the wonderful film Bella, is putting the finishing touches on a new film called Cristiada. You can watch the trailer below. John and I had the honour of dining with Jason during a recent visit to Ottawa in early May.

The movie relates one of the saddest episodes in Mexico’s history, when the communist government was trying to exterminate the Catholic Church from the country in the 1920s. The persecution was severe and many Catholics were killed.  Some courageous Catholics fought back, however. Known as Cristeros, they had few weapons but lots of heart.  Their rally cry was Viva Cristo Rey! (Long live Christ the King!).  The resulting civil war is known as the Cristiada.  Both the words Cristeros and Cristiada and derived from Cristo, the Spanish word for Christ.

The movie follows a group of Cristeros who took up arms defend their people against the an anti-Catholic, Masonic, secular dictatorship. It features an impressive cast.  Andy Garcia plays the leader of a group of Cristeros. You’ve seen Garcia in blockbusters such as Untouchables, The Godfather III and the Ocean’s Eleven triology. It also stars Nestor Carbonell, who starred in the TV series Lost and was also the Mayor of Gotham City in The Dark Knight. Eva Longoria (The Sentinel, The Heartbreak Kid and Desperate Housewives) and Eduardo Verástegui (the star of Bella) are also featured in the movie.

Mexicans speak of many miracles that occurred during the Cristiada during those difficult times. I don’t know if any will be included in the movie. We’ll see.

This movie also has a special connection for Socon or Bust and our regular readers because it was during the Cristiada that Blessed Miguel Pro was martyred. You’ll recall that the now disgraced Centre PRODH was named after Blessed Miguel Pro.  It’s a sad day, indeed, when we realize that what these men fought for is exactly what Development & Peace’s partners are fighting against.

Christians should also understand and appreciate how this film has some relevance here in Canada as the Secular State seeks to impose itself on the religious education of children, without the consent of parents.

Catholics are finally beginning to understand that in order to win the Culture War, we must win the mythology.

3 thoughts on “Cristiada: A great movie coming to a theatre near you

  1. I remember reading about their story many years ago. I was in awe. And I still am. If you want to talk about REAL heroes, you’re looking at them.

    Their story and this movie will also give a good counterbalance to the “peace-at-all costs” mantra that has had too much sway in the Church for too long. Catholics are not pacifists. And we never will be.

    We’ll fight if the war is just. And when we fight, it’s “all in”.

  2. My writing partner and I were the first to adapt this story as a feature film. Please take a look at the script and some original footage of the men who actually fought in this bloody rebellion.

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