Crimes Against Life – The Church Doth Protest Too Much

This was a good article by the editor of BC Catholic, Paul Schratz.  However, I kind of chaffed at this part:

….In his homily at the annual Mass for the Holy Innocents after Christmas, Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB, noted that Herod’s victims are venerated as martyrs because they died in the place of Christ. In a similar way, the unborn who die in the womb are “silent witnesses to Christ and His infinite power to save.”

He reminded the faithful that just as Jesus is a “sign of contradiction,” they have an irreplaceable role to play: “We need – the Church needs, society needs – evangelists, heralds of life, people willing to confront the weakness of a culture which has trivialized the gift of life.”

He noted that all too often, “crimes against life are supported by government, certain professions, and public opinion.” We have a responsibility, he said, “to work to bring about a change in Canada.”

While I welcome the Archbishop’s remarks to a certain degree, they ring rather hollow considering what the bishops of Canada are doing right now in pumping in millions of dollars into pro-abort groups in the Global South.

Sadly, crimes against life are not merely supported by “government, certain professions, and public opinion”, as the Archbishop says. 

They are also supported and financed by the Canadian Catholic Church by its support of virulently anti-Catholic and rabid pro-abortion groups.

When the bishops of this country start cleaning up their own house, then they can be taken seriously. Until then, it’s just more empty talk.  Bravado and Brohahaha.

It’s the apex of absurdity, after all, for the bishop to ask us “to confront the weakness of a culture which has trivialized the gift of life” while concurrently financing the enemies of life with our own sacrificial offerings, no less.  I can scarcely think of something more offensive and obscene.

Have we all just lost our minds, or is this some kind of cosmic joke?

7 thoughts on “Crimes Against Life – The Church Doth Protest Too Much

  1. Ted, that doesn’t mean he’s handled every particular situation appropriately. Behind the rhetoric of those criticizing D&P is an allegation that the Bishops have not dealt with…

  2. Kelly.

    Archbishop Miller has been the Archbishop here for one year. He was one of the few that held funds from last year’s Lenten Share Life campaign back from D&P.

    He is a wise and prudent shepherd.

  3. If Archbishop Miller is a “wise and prudent shepherd” why is the Vancouver Archdiocese using D&P/Caritas Haiti for earthquake disaster relief?

    D&P hasn’t changed. Their partner Caritas Haiti website says Haiti women do not control their “reproduction” and has a “strategy” plan. Caritas Haiti also donates to reproduction health champion, Population Services International.

    Nuf said!

  4. I like the statements made by Archbishop Miller, but they lack a few critical elements. Namely:
    1. Acknowledgement of the enabling role that the Winnipeg Statement has played in allowing Canada to sink so deeply into sin and the resulting culture of death,
    2. An admittance of the Canadian Catholic Church’s 40-year-long silence on the burning issue of the sanctity of human life: abortion, euthanasia/”assisted suicide”, infanticide, suicide, homicide, parricide and embryonic cell research. All of the horrors in the preceding list treat us like cattle. We’re not cattle, we’re God’s adopted children.
    3. The acknowledgement of the Canadian Catholic Church’s role in supporting groups that, in fact, oppose the sanctity of human life, and would like nothing better than to see the complete destruction of the institution of marriage and the holy family as created by Our Father in Heaven Himself.

    I pray that one day the Canadian Catholic Church will repent of the Winnipeg Statement, and I pray that it will happen sooner rather than later, for our good, and the good of all His Church.

    The last time I checked, there was a shortage of priests in Canada. I wonder why. With some of the Canadian Bishops actively supporting groups that fly in the face of the Vatican, it’s no wonder (Development and Peach and Unicef are two sore points that stick out in my mind).

    I believe that the Winnipeg Statement is quietly slitting the throat of the Church in Canada, and it’s slowly bleeding to death. With friends like the Winnipeg Statement, who needs enemies? Who’s side are we on, anyway?

    Matthew 16:18 (King James Version)

    18And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

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