Cracks in Coalition Starting: Write those Letters!

OTTAWA — Frank Valeriote does not favour a coalition government and instead hopes Prime Minister Stephen Harper can work toward rescuing the Canadian economy.“I believe in working toward a solution, not working toward a coalition,” Guelph’s Liberal MP said Wednesday.

Valeriote added he does not believe a Liberal-NDP coalition, with support from the Bloc Quebecois, will unseat the Tories.

“I have given no thought to that,” Valeriote said when asked whether he saw himself in a cabinet role under such an arrangement. “I am not, frankly, anticipating moving into government.” (Source)

Opponents of the Socialist-Separatist Coalition:

Conservative Party MPs = 143 

Independents = 2

Frank Valeriote, Liberal MP (Guelph) = 1

Total = 146

Total MPs Needed = 154 

Additional MPs Required = 8

Also, there are rumours that 1 or 2 Bloc members are very unhappy with the Bloc.  Cardin, a Bloc MP. who voted against gay marriage plus maybe one or 2 more….

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